The First Time I Got Obscene Text Messages From A Guy...

The First Time I Got Obscene Text Messages From A Guy...
School and college are two different worlds altogether. School always felt safe and familiar to me, but when I started with college, it made me feel as if I was finally crossing over to the real, not-so-simple world. My first two days of college were all about introductions and filling out forms. A lot of us bonded while discussing the various details related to the form-filling process. A week or two later, it started feeling like I had been there for months. Towards the end of my first month in college, something happened! I came home as usual, threw myself on my bed, and started going through my phone. Surprisingly, there were 3 texts from an unknown number. I opened the first one which said, “Hi, I want to friendship with you”. And the other 2 were also on similar lines. I wanted to ask who this person was, but I decided to ignore it.
Apparently, he was not prepared to give up just yet. So he sent me 5 more texts, insisting that I be friends with him. It was bugging me and playing on my mind constantly. So, I replied, “Hi. I am sorry, I am not trying to be rude or anything, but I don’t think I know you, and I don’t make friends like that”. I sent that text, and went to have my dinner. Also read: The First Time My Boyfriend… Spanked Me!! I came back and checked my phone - 23 messages, from the same number. I opened them one by one, and was shocked. My refusal to be friends with him had pissed him off, and he had now resorted to sending me acutely obscene and inappropriate messages. With every message he became more graphic, and I became more scared. Message 1: I want to have sex with you Message 2: How are your boobs? Are they soft? Message 3: I want to touch your boobs and play with them. Message 4: You want to see my dick?
Message 5: We guys masturbate and relieve ourselves, how do you girls do it? Message 6: … You have recieved an MMS.. I opened the sixth message, and then locked myself up in the washroom and cried. All those messages were in hindi, written in a highly descriptive and offensive manner. The MMS was a short sex clip, and since I had never actually been so open about sex or had actually seen such a raw form of it, it shook me real bad. Internal obscene texts I was scared and began to shiver. A million thoughts were running through my head at that time. Where did he get my number from? Was this someone playing a prank on me? No, none of my friends can stoop so low. Then I realized that maybe this guy is from my college, because I had just gotten a new number and the only place I had actually made it public was on the forms I had filled in college. I couldn’t sleep that night and prayed that he stopped. I did not know whom should I talk to about it. The next morning, I woke up to more such texts which terrorized me further. I went to college that day, all the while looking over my shoulder. I was scared he would follow me or confront me.
Also read: The First Time I Actually Met Someone I Matched With On Tinder This did not stop for the next three days, then I finally decided that I could not take it anymore and I would tell Dhruv everything. Dhruv was a school friend and was probably the only person I could muster up the courage to talk about this. I called him up and narrated the entire story. He asked me for the guy’s number and said he would deal with it.   A few hours later Dhruv called me back and told me he had dealt with him, and that I shouldn’t worry. “But what did you do? What did you say to him,” I asked. Turns out, he had played a little bit of a trick on that guy. Dhruv had found out his name using his number and had called him up. He then told him that he knew his details and that if he tried to talk to me or send me any more texts, he would report him to the police. How relieved I was! Gradually, I did learn how to handle such people, but that one incident left a deep impression on me which I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I take it as a reminder to be strong and deal with things that come my way.
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