8 Amazing Nail Paints Worth Splurging On For Your Bridal Kit!

8 Amazing Nail Paints Worth Splurging On For Your Bridal Kit!

Every bride needs a good nail paint (or five!) in her bridal beauty kit. After all, the right shade and finish can completely transform her hands. In fact, the difference between good wedding pictures and amazing wedding pictures could be right here in this list, for you can’t do the requisite "hides-face-in-hands" pose without perfect nails, can you? And remember, if you’re spending a bomb on these, it’s because they’re worth it! Your nails will thank you.

1. Giordani Gold Baroque Lacque Brilliance

1 nail paints for brides High-shine, intense colour that doesn’t chip or streak, and the three shades in the range are SO lovely that we want them all! This nail paint from Giordani is perfect for every bride who wants affordable glamour. Price: Rs. 529. Buy it here

2. M.A.C Studio Nail Lacquer

2 nail paints for brides This streak-proof and chip-resistant nail paint is a must for any bride who has been running around planning and working before her big day. It’s available in cream, metallic and frosted finishes, so you can change your look for each wedding function! Price: Rs. 1,050. Buy it here

3. Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel

3 nail paints for brides A nail paint that lets your nails breathe is possibly every girl’s dream product. Well, this one from Inglot ensures water and oxygen permeability! This means you don’t have to worry about yellowing nails before your wedding. We think it’s a must-have for your bridal beauty kit. Price: Rs. 1,050. Buy it here

4. NARS Nail Polish

4 nail paints for brides This nail polish from NARS glides smoothly and gives a velvety finish to your nails. It’s available in 21 different shades - each more amazing than the next! Price: Rs. 1,690. Buy it here

5. Dior Nail Glow

5 nail paints for brides Much like the famous Dior Addict Lip Glow, this nail glow also works to enhance your natural nail colour. The pink of your nails becomes pinker and the white whiter. This nail glow is the perfect addition to the makeup bag of the bride who likes keeping it classy and simple. Price: Rs. 1,819. Buy it here

6. Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture

6 nail paints for bride For the bride who wants to splurge on something super-glamorous! This nail lacquer from Yves Saint Laurent is so golden and gorgeous I would get married just for this! Price: Rs. 1,886. Buy it here

7. Michael Kors Sporty Nail Lacquer

7 nail paints for brides Provide your nails with a glossy lustre with this nail lacquer. It’s available in four soft shades that you can wear on your honeymoon or your wedding functions. They’re classy and sophisticated, and hence a perfect addition to your bridal makeup bag! Price: Rs. 2,290. Buy it here

8. Gucci Bold High-Gloss Lacquer

8 nail paints for brides As a bride-to-be, we’re certain you’re going to be lusting after this gorgeous nail lacquer. It’s highly pigmented and made with a no-streaks formula to give a smooth, even finish to your nails. We think it’s perfect for your big day. After all, your nails deserve some pampering too! Price: Rs. 4,990. Buy it here Featured image: Shutterstock