Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” Tales!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” Tales!

1. Friends With Benefits?

I was getting anxious everyday. What were we? Friends with benefits, or just two people who couldn’t keep the attraction at bay. Then one day I decided to rebel, I left his house in the morning saying that until he gave me his word, we wouldn’t talk anymore. The day passed, the sun set. Not one call. I thought it was over. And phone rang.
“Get ready, I am coming to pick you up. I really think we should talk once before you take any decision”, he said. Ten minutes later he was downstairs. The silence in the car was overwhelming.

We reached his house, he held my hand and took me to the terrace. I remember cribbing about having to walk up four floors! I was muttering the whole way up and he was giving me some random reasons. When I reached up there, I was flabbergasted. The whole terrace had been lit up with what felt like a thousand candles. Some cushions thrown on one side, a bouquet with a hundred roses, a champagne bottle in the chiller, a heart shaped cake and some hand-made sandwiches. WOW! This was something totally unexpected from him. I could feel my heart racing. He then held me close and said “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth by going out with me?”

We spent the rest of the evening gazing at the stars and constantly stealing kisses from each other. He was mine, and I was his.

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2. The LDR!

We were in the last month of college, and life seemed to be slipping by us, a bit too fast. I used to wake up everyday, wanting to just hold on to the place, to the people…to him.

He never said anything, but I knew. I knew because he looked at me like I was everything he could ask for. He held my hand like that was where it was supposed to be. He demanded my attention like he knew not any better use for it. And yet, he never said anything.

Soon it was the day of our farewell, and everyone around me was saying those difficult goodbyes, making promises, hugging and not letting go... When I saw him walking towards me. He held my hand, got down on his knee and in front of our entire batch said, “Nira, do you terribly mind being my long-distance girlfriend?”

All I heard was a batch hooting and cheering, while he laughed and I cried. College was over, but we were just starting out.

2 Tales about boyfriends asking their girlfriends out

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3. The One With A Song

We met on my bestie’s birthday party for the first time. A few more friendly get togethers down the line, we finally exchanged numbers and started having actual conversations.

“Okay, so what’s the one thing you would never ever do for anyone?” I asked him one day.

“Sing. I sing like a nightmare and even I cannot bear the sound of my own voice” he said. I laughed out aloud.

One evening, as we were enjoying karaoke night with all of our friends, a particularly tone deaf person started singing my favorite song. And then I realized it was him. I could not stop smiling through the song. And as he sang the last line he walked towards me and said, “I know you probably hate your favorite song now, but this is how much I want a chance to be a part of your life, if you’ll let me. May I?”

Tears involuntarily rolled down my cheeks as I hugged him and muttered a shaky, happy “yes”.

3 Tales about boyfriends asking their girlfriends out (1)

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