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What NOT To Say To Your Boyfriend - This Video Is Just SO Funny!

Shivani Shrivastava

Trending Editor

You know how sometimes guys get mad at us and we have no clue why? Even though it happens rarely, not being able to figure out the reason is SO annoying. Well, girls, there are a few things we say that guys just don’t like - sometimes because it’s annoying, sometimes because it just freaks the hell out of them! Now, if only there was a way to find out what those things were, life would be so much Well, youtwoTV comes to our rescue! Yes! They made video that perfectly sums up the things we should NOT say to our boyfriends. Jaz and Harjit are our favs, and their videos are super cute too. We love them and can binge-watch all of their videos. And you HAVE to watch this one!

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Published on Jul 08, 2016
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