struggles of all single girls

WTF Things Every Single Girl Is Tired Of Hearing!

Krithika Madhavan

Features Writer

“What do you know about men, you are still single!” - this is just one of the few annoying things that a girl gets to hear when she is single. Not being in a relationship makes people believe that single girls don’t understand the concept of relationships and that single girls are always on the lookout for men. No we’re not!

This hilarious video, made in association with Truly Madly, portrays all the things single girls get to hear on a daily basis. The message? Don’t worry about what people say, being single is as fabulous as being in a relationship. And whenever you’re willing to #unsingle, just download the Truly Madly app.
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*This is a sponsored post for Truly Madly.
Published on Jul 04, 2016
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