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Dear Bae, A Few Love Songs I *Wouldn’t* Mind You Singing To Me!

Dear Bae, A Few Love Songs I *Wouldn’t* Mind You Singing To Me!

When we can’t put our feelings into words, we turn to music and lyrics. Our favourite songs don’t ask us questions, they don’t judge us, they are always there when we need them the most. And what fuels us the most? Love songs, of course! So, dear boyfriends, we absolutely love these songs. Will you sing them for us someday? Please, pretty please?

1. All Of Me by John Legend

The world instantly fell in love with this song the minute it came out. John Legend does for us what we were never able to do on our own... Through his words we could tell our significant others just how much we love, adore and respect them.
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2. Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

The late 90s gave us some amazing songs and Savage Garden hit it home with this absolutely lovely song. Such a classic, this one!
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3. I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts

Need we say more, dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S? We don’t think so. After all, pyaar dosti hai, right?!
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4. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Think candlelight dinner, think dinner by the beach, think everything romantic in the world put together into one bubble. That bubble is what “Wonderful Tonight” is.
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5. Wonderwall by Oasis

Because doesn't every girl want to know that she is her guy's Wonderwall?
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6. Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo by Habib Wali Muhammad

This beautiful song from the 1974 movie “Baadal Aur Bijli” should be every couple’s anthem. Original or the many covers - this song is romantic in every form!
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7. Tum Hi Ho by Arijit Singh

This man sings and melts everybody’s heart. And that's why we keep going back for more. The best part is that he never disappoints. Boyfriends, please make note of this - you definitely can’t go wrong with this one.
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8. Sanu Ek Pal by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Let’s face it - the list would be incomplete without this song and it would be injustice to not include Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in any musical list.
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9. Satellite by Dave Matthews Band

Take us to the terrace and get your guitar - let's look at the stars and get lost into this beautiful song?
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10. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Men, listen to this. No one, absolutely no one should refuse to sing an Ed Sheeran song. His lyrics come straight from the heart!
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11. In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer

It’s really tough to decide on a singular Mayer song because all his songs are so damn lovely. But after much thought and consideration, this song emerged as the absolute winner!
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12. Yellow by Coldplay

Would this even be a list of songs we would love our boyfriends to sing for us if “Yellow” didn’t make it here? What kind of a list would it be without this song? A very sad one, indeed.
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13. Promise by Ben Howard

A song definitely made for a rainy day... Cozying up in a room, watching the rain fall outside and your guy singing this absolutely calming song - best feeling ever!
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14. Little Things by One Direction

For all you 1D fans out there, this is our way of putting a little bit of extra pressure on your boyfriends. ;-)
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15. Collide by Howie Day

This song makes us believe in love. It makes us believe that everyone will eventually find their soulmate. If two people are supposed to be together, nothing can stop them.
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16. Khuda Jaane by K K

This soothing song from the movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” is every girl’s romantic dreams come true. 
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17. Your Song by Elton John

Men, we hope you’re paying attention because rest assured that if you sing this song to your girl, she’ll be completely floored!
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18. Kya Soorat Hai by Bombay Vikings

We hope everyone still remembers this song. Fun, peppy and really addictive, this song is sure to bring a smile on any girl’s face. (Keep a bar of Feast handy!)
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19. Tu Aashiqui Hai by KK

2003 saw the release of “Jhankaar Beats” and along with it came “Tu Aashiqui Hai”. If you really truly love a girl, then you really should sing this for her.
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20. Gori Teri Aankein by Lucky Ali and Kavita Krishnamurthy

Let’s admit it, we cried buckets after watching the video of this song. And once we got done crying we tried learning this song word for word and also realised that we would never be able to sing quite like Krishnamurthy. No harm in trying though.
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21. Jab Se Tere Naina by Shaan and Monty Sharma

2007 marked the debut of Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor with the movie “Saawariya”. What the movie also gave us was amazing songs. To this day, we are still humming those songs as though the movie came out yesterday. This song is what love at first sight really feels like!
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22. Sham by Amit Trivedi, Nikhil D’Souza and Neuman Pinto

The song sounds like it was made for a campfire set up. And all campfire songs are very fun to sing. Plus, it sounds really, really cute. Sigh!
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23. Words by Bee Gees

Yes, it was originally sung by the Bee Gees. Gentlemen, words are all you have to take her heart away, though. Never forget that!
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24. Tum Ho Toh by Farhan Akhtar

“Rock On” boasts of probably the best soundtrack of all time and “Tum ho toh” topped all the charts at one point. That aside, Farhan will you be my boyfriend? *crying inside*
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25. Deewana Tera by Sonu Nigam

When Sonu Nigam sings he makes sure that he makes mountains move and with this song he moved our hearts too. We know it's a tough song but your efforts will be appreciated!
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Published on Jul 26, 2016
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