Skin Care Tips For A Beach Honeymoon - Less Tan, More Glow!

Skin Care Tips For A Beach Honeymoon - Less Tan, More Glow!
A radiant bride that you are, we don’t want your glow to wear off during your honeymoon! If you are planning a beach honeymoon, keep these 10 commandments in mind to protect your skin. These will ensure that you look beautiful and beach-ready through your honeymoon while keeping your skin young and protected.

1. Don’t Exfoliate!

We know this sounds incorrect, but the presence of AHAs in exfoliants has been shown to increase sensitivity to the sun by as much as 45%! It is best to discontinue the use of exfoliants at least a week prior to the beach honeymoon. After all, nothing should ruin your vacation, least of all sunburn.

2. Use Tried And Tested Products

2 skin care tips for the beach

Do not experiment with new products on your honeymoon. You don’t want to end up with ineffective products that do nothing to protect your skin or, worse, make it break out! On that note, also stay away from toiletries provided by your hotel, unless and until they are of a brand that you have used and you trust. Always carry your own products - ones that you have faith in.

3. Be Sure To Shower

Before heading to the beach and after coming back from it, make sure you shower and moisturize yourself thoroughly! If you’re going to be applying sunscreen and bathing in the salty seawater, it’s going to lead to product build-up. A good shower will clean that up so your skin doesn’t suffer in the process.

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4. Moisturizing Is A Must

4 skin care tips for the beach

Even before you apply your sunscreen, make sure you slather yourself generously with a good moisturizer or body butter. The sun and the salt water can dry your skin out, so this will help rehydrate it.

5. Face Sunscreen And Body Sunscreen

A facial sunscreen is slightly different from a body SPF lotion in that it is usually less greasy and designed to suit different skin types. Choose one that suits your skin best. You can read more about them here. A sunscreen with zinc or titanium is a good choice as they can withstand sweat better. And do not make the mistake of thinking that you can get away with applying a simple moisturizer with SPF for the rest of your body. Use a good sunscreen on your body while you’re on your beach honeymoon, with at least SPF 30.

6. Apply Correctly And Don’t Miss The Hard-To-Reach Spots

6 skin care tips for the beach

A lot of us make the error of doing a cursory job of rubbing sunscreen over our bodies and going our merry way. Nope. Apply the sunscreen thoroughly so that it is effective. A good way of doing it is after having applied it once, letting it sit for five minutes and then applying again. While applying sunscreen, we tend to miss out on some parts of the body. Make sure you apply sunscreen evenly and everywhere, including behind your ears and between your toes! Also, every exposed part of your body should have sunscreen on it, so take care of this when wearing swimsuits.

7. Make It Water-Resistant And Reapply Regularly

We know you’re going to be in and out of the water constantly. Ensure that you therefore use a water-resistant sunscreen. It should provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays. After every couple of hours, reapply your sunscreen. Your sunscreen will wear off with sweat and water, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can apply it once in the morning and forget about it. While at the beach, apply both your face and body sunscreen after every couple of hours to protect your skin. Inadequate application can make your skin tanned and damaged!

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8. The *Right* Makeup

8 skin care tips for the beach

If you’re going to the beach, you can easily skip the foundation for a more fun and natural look. A good matte sunscreen will be enough for a clear base. If you’re going to be using a facial mist, make sure that it is not alcohol-based, as those tend to evaporate, leaving your skin dry and flaky. Instead, use one with good ingredients that include floral water and essential oils. Lastly, and very importantly, wear mineral makeup.

9. Stay Hydrated

Your body will lose water quicker than ever when you’re travelling. We know the thought of sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach is very tempting, but alcohol dehydrates your body very quickly. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking a LOT of water. Carry a bottle with you to the beach and keep sipping. After all, we’re sure you know by now that water is essential for good skin.

10. Look Cute While Staying Protected!

10 skin care tips for the beach

There are plenty of cute accessories and cover-ups you can use to stay protected and still look beachy-beautiful! A big floppy hat, a pair of stylish sunglasses and cute cover-ups - these are all essentials that you should invest in before your honeymoon.

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