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7 Simple Tips For The Shy Bride’s Wedding Night

7 Simple Tips For The Shy Bride’s Wedding Night

The idea of facing your wedding night when you've been a bit shy about physical intimacy until now can be very daunting. You might have a million doubts, maybe even a few insecurities… Well, worry not, we're here to help - here are a few wedding night tips to make you feel less nervous and help you look forward to the experience with eagerness and confidence. :-)

1. A little bit of research

Reading some erotica never hurt anyone. And if you're feeling bold enough, watch some porn. While most of the stuff you’ll come across will be wildly exaggerated and seem unreal, the principles of what goes where and what feels good are the same in real life. So it’s a pretty good way to familiarize yourself with things instead of being taken completely by surprise! wedding night tips 1

2. Get comfy with touching

No, we don’t mean organize a full-fledged makeout sesh with your fiance - that may not be even possible, especially if it’s an arranged marriage set-up. But hold hands, touch his shoulder, maybe a kiss on the cheek, whatever is comfortable for the two of you… Build the intimacy of knowing each other’s physical touch through these small gestures. It’s more difficult and nerve-wracking to get into bed with someone you’ve never even touched casually. Also read: 7 Things To Know If You’re A Virgin On Your Wedding Night

3. Know your body

And yes, by this we mean explore your body. Most girls do masturbate and have some idea of what turns them on and what feels good. And if you’ve never done it, now might be a good time to try! Don’t feel awkward about touching your breasts or even your vagina... After all, sex means someone else touching you there - doing it yourself is less daunting, isn’t it? See what feels good, what gives you pleasure, so that when “The Time” comes, you know how to direct the action for your own satisfaction!

4. Pamper yourself

A spa session, massages, facials. Anything and everything that makes you feel relaxed. Get your hair done, go for a daily run, maybe play with makeup...all the things that make you feel and look good. Indulge yourself to feel happier about and appreciate the amazing thing that your body is. wedding night tips 4

5. Talk to your sexually active friends

Even better than reading about it or watching it on screen is asking questions about sex...and getting answers from people who know the answers! And it’s easier to get more detailed and specific information from people who know you. Every girl’s first time is different - find out what theirs was like, things they worried about and how they got over them. Also read: 7 Naughty (Yet Nice!) Nightwear Options For The Bride!

6. Focus on the intimacy

Sex is about much more than just physical pleasure and satisfaction - it is about connection between two human being. And while good sex is great, a deeper, emotionally intimate relationship with your partner is even better! Even if you're not going all the way on your wedding night - you might be surprised to know that many couples don't! - it's all right. Celebrate the fact that this is the start of something sweet, special and exciting that you and your partner are going to share with each other for the rest of your lives - that’s just as amazing as any multiple orgasm! :-)

7. Confidence is key

You're shy, and that's okay. You don't have to suddenly turn into a tigress in bed or change your personality altogether. But don't worry or be “afraid”.  Your husband will be there with you because he wants to be. Be confident in and about yourself - that's the sexiest thing. Be comfortable and have fun!
wedding night tips 7 Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr
Published on Jul 21, 2016
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