Signs You Shouldn’t Get Back With Your Ex (Even If He Wants It)

Signs You Shouldn’t Get Back With Your Ex (Even If He Wants It)
You had a break up and are watching a romantic movie or show, where your favourite couple gets back together and it works out perfectly for them... If it worked out for Chuck and Blair or Serena and Dan or Ross and Rachel, doesn’t it mean it will work out for you too? Well, life isn't TV, shows are just reel life and things just aren't always the same. So here are some signs you shouldn't go back to your ex boyfriend!

1. There was a reason you guys broke up

You guys got together, but it didn’t work out. And thinking back, you know exactly why. Listening to romantic songs will bring all the memories back but that doesn’t mean you should go back to him. You know that nothing has really changed fundamentally between the two of you, no matter how much you miss him.

1 signs you should not patch up

2. Everybody is advising you not to go back

Your loved ones know you best and they're looking out for you. If all of them think you shouldn't go back, then maybe they know what's the best. They can’t see you getting hurt again or mentally torturing yourself over the same things all over again.

3. You never really communicated

There was only a one-sided conversation always. When you knew he was wrong but just to avoid any argument or even a discussion, you just let things go. Talking became an effort towards the end of the relationship, and it was one of the reasons you broke up.

3 signs you should not patch up

4. Blame game

A break up happens because of two people and not one. Did he ever try taking any responsibility or just blamed you for everything? And even now, if he talks about getting back together, does he make it sound like he's ready to forgive you even though you both know it wasn't one person's fault? If yes, then he's not worth going back to.

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5. On and off

This is not first time you guys have broken up. You are one of those couples about whom people are not sure what to say, whether you are on or off and even you guys are not sure of your status most of the time. Relationships can be complicated but if yours only made you unhappy and miserable, then put your foot down once and for all, and close that door for good!

5 signs you should not patch up

6. Covering for him

While you were in the relationship, were you always covering up his mistakes and making up explanations for his behaviour? But deep in your heart you knew what he was doing was wrong and you still stand by that.

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7. Those issues still exist

No matter how much we wish we could, there are some characteristics of a person that you just can't change. If none of the things that caused your breakup have changed - then what's the point in repeating history?

7 signs you should not patch up

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