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6 Amazing Tips To Get More & Spend Less During A Sale!

Shivani Rai

Guest Contributor

The sale season is upon us! Many of our favourite brands are having amazing sales on a lot of products. But before you get your credit cards ready, stop and read this! We’ve got 7 sale shopping tips for you to take into consideration before you begin shopping...

1.  The B word!

Yup, the magical ‘b’ word you should keep in mind is - budget! Set a budget for your shopping because it is very easy to go overboard when you see that so many items you like are on sale. When shopping online, you can pay by card to save a bit on money as some vendors charge extra when you choose the ‘cash on delivery’ option.

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2. Lists and wishlists

The best way to take advantage of a sale is to know what products are going up on a particular sale. Make a list of the things you really need  to buy so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary things when the sale is actually taking place. Most online shopping portals have the option of putting things on your “wishlist” to buy later. Add things to it which you don’t need urgently and for which you can wait for a sale.

3. Follow brand's’ social media

To get to know about all the amazing sales that your favourite brands like Shoppers Stop might be having, follow their social media pages. It’s the fastest way to get info about sales and to prepare yourself for it!

sale shopping tips

4. Right size

Online sales begin at a particular time which is announced by the store on their social media and sometimes in TV adverts. Get your measurements ready before hand so it’s easier to select the correct size for yourself when shopping online. Being early increases your chances of finding the right size for yourself. So instead of having to cry over a cute dress which is three sizes too small for you, you might get first pick on a size that is actually perfect.

5. Shopping partner

Shopping is always better with besties around (to have them critically analyse everything you’re browsing through). So when you and your bestie are preparing to shop online during a sale, you can help each other select the best clothes. Also, it helps to have someone to control your urge to buy everything!

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6. Practical buys

Make sure that you spend on things that you will actually use/wear. Don’t order that fancy lamp if you have ten of those at home already! Instead opt for the cosmetic products that you really need to replace.

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* This is a sponsored post for Shoppers Stop.

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Published on Jul 19, 2016
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