How I Stopped Running From Myself & Started Running For Real!

How I Stopped Running From Myself & Started Running For Real!
I’m a very active social media user and I’m also a POPxo Campus Ambassador. But I’m not active in the fitness sense - I don’t really like waking up early and can’t even imagine exercising or running. So when POPxo and Nike challenged me to get moving, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Would I be able to do this? Or would I just end up making a fool of myself by being the most unfit person in the session? There was only one way to find out…

My first venture was a run at the Nike+ Run Club (NRC). I was to meet the rest of the group at Mumbai University Ground in Marine Drive. There was a short warm up session before we began our run. The challenge was to run at least one mile, that is 1.6kms. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the view of the sea while running was great. The session was led by the head coach who is a running veteran, popularly known as Coach Dan, and a group of ‘pacers’. I was really apprehensive that they would make us run a LOT! But that wasn’t the case at all. They helped us keep time and actually let us run at a pace that we were comfortable with.

It was difficult since I had not been out running since I was in junior school – I felt exhausted right away! But with the encouragement of pacers Diya and Naina, as well as that of the group, I was able to complete the run. The feeling was exhilarating! I absolutely loved the fact that no one judged me even though they were all clearly seasoned runners and were totally supportive of me. I didn’t feel like the odd one out.

nike inside 1

After that session, I began using the Nike+ Running App. I’m only running short distances right now since I’ve only just started, but I have actually enjoyed running more than I thought I would! Even my mother was pleasantly surprised to see me becoming active and enthusiastic about working out – something I haven’t done for a while. The app is easy to use and I found out that some of my friends are using it too. We have started competing with each other and this really motivates me and makes me want to go running daily.

The second session I attended was one with the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) which focused on functional training. This one was held at Nitrro Bespoke Fitness in Breach Candy and was led by NTC Elevated Trainer, Urmi Kothari. We started with a warm up and stretching routine, followed by a fun workout for an hour. It was amazing! We didn’t focus on just one part of the body but instead we worked out our torso, calf muscles, arms etc. I was also introduced to the Nike+ Training Club app that day which has a whole range of exercises for various levels of fitness. The most fun part was working out to Da Da Ding, Nike’s new song. When I reached home that day, I was exhausted and experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome) but I was happy; the workout had given me a huge surge of much needed dopamine!

running and training sessions 2

I absolutely loved my experience with Nike, so much so that I have already registered for this week’s sessions too. Maybe I’ll see you there? :)

By: Haniyeh Namazi.

Haniyeh is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She absolutely loves playing basketball and football. She also loves swimming and belly dancing.

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