7 Reasons To STOP Caring About “What Will People Say?” | POPxo
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7 Reasons To STOP Caring About “What Will People Say?”

7 Reasons To STOP Caring About “What Will People Say?”

We are all social beings, and so, we have to live life by certain rules. You can’t wear this, you can’t go there, you shouldn’t do that! And when you ask why, the reply is - because our culture is such. And though we have progressed, there is still scope for improvement. Here are reasons you’ve got to stop pleasing other people and live for yourself...

1. Because nobody knows you better than you do

You know your qualities and your flaws. Only you know what’s possible for you and what’s not.

2. Because you need to be happy

Not like people who live by societal norms or as per others’ expectations are not happy, but there can be instances where they feel dissatisfied. There is always something they want to do but because of someone’s expectation they don’t. 2 live for yourself

3. Because there are no obligations

You are not obligated to live up to others’ expectations, you know! Just be kind and polite. Love your life and live it on your own terms. Also read: The BRIGHT Side: 13 Habits All Happy People Have In Common!

4. Because you should be your own best

You don’t have to compete with others; simply do your best and be happy with whatever you do and however you do it. 4 live for yourself

5. Because you can be different from the usual

Don’t perpetually worry about what people think of you or expect of you, because this way you won’t be able to have fun, and live your life with ingenuity and spontaneity. If you have anything that makes you different from the others, go for it. Follow your passion and leave your mark.
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6. Because haters will always hate you

Let’s face it, haters have nothing better to do. So chill, don’t let them get to you because your reality contradicts their thoughts about you. 6 live for yourself

7. Because you don’t want to have any regrets

It is always better to do something and fail at it, rather than never having done it in the first place. And not doing it for the fear of “What will people think?”, is just not worth it. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Jul 18, 2016
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