questions people ask in rishta meetings

8 Answers We WISH We Could Give To WTF Rishta Meeting Questions

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

No, we aren’t against the arranged marriage set-up, but let’s not deny that a few of the questions the boy’s side asks the girl in this situation are a bit um, absurd. We are expected to be polite and not let our true opinions on these silly questions be known, for otherwise they would sound a bit like this...

1. “Toh, khaane me kya-kya bana leti ho?”

Masala maggi, vegetable maggi, egg maggi, cheese maggi, bread maggi, oh and tea. Green tea, black tea, milk tea… I won’t let you go to sleep hungry, okay?

2. “Ghar ke kaam pasand hain, na?”

If you want me to show excitement over scrubbing dirty utensils and clothes, every single day for the rest of my life - okay, well, that might be a bit difficult.

2 questions people ask in rishta meetings

3. “Kadhai, bunai, silaai aati hai?”

Nahi, but online shopping aati hai. Chalega?

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4. “Ghumne phirne ka shauk hai? We don’t like girls who party - it’s not a part of our culture, beta.”

How can you even ask me such things? Good girls don’t step out of their homes, they host house parties instead! Loud music at night is okay with you na?

4 questions people ask in rishta meetings

5. “Acha, ye job shaadi ke baad nahi karogi?”

You mean so I can take over work from you and become the official incharge & manager of ALL maids at home? Thanks, but no thanks.

6. “Hobby kya kya hain tumhari?”

Um, mostly to sit on my bed and watch trashy TV all day and simultaneously stuff my face with junk food. Or maybe, chill with my friends. I will keep you guys entertained with my hobbies, folks.

6 questions people ask in rishta meetings

7. “Shaadi ke baad bachhe kab karne hain?”

Ab aapko bachhe hee chahiye, toh why spend so much on a shaadi?

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8. “Acha, shaadi kab karni hai?”

Aapke bete se? Not in this janam, I think. Maybe in his dreams.

8 questions people ask in rishta meetings

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Published on Jul 01, 2016
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