#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Are Scared Of Asking Girls During Sex!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Are Scared Of Asking Girls During Sex!
We're generally not all that scared in bed with you… Okay, we're lying. We might seem all confident and stuff, but most of the time we're really not. And there are some subjects that we fear broaching a bit! Here are a few questions guys are terrified of asking women in bed!

1. Can we do that thing you said "next time" to last time?

You did say next time....but what if you say that again?!

2. Is this doing nothing for you?

Because, well, our egos are fragile.

2 questions men are scared of asking

3. Can we take a break for 10 minutes?

We might be tired, but we really don't want you to think we're tired!

4. Was that orgasm real?

This is just dangerous territory. We know that, ladies. But we can't help worrying about it!

4 questions men are scared of asking

5. Can I finish on your [insert any body part here]?

We never know how women will react to this request!

6. What do you think about a threesome?

Just testing the waters, you know. In a really hypothetical kind of way. But it's still terrifying!

6 questions men are scared of asking

7. Can you give me a blow job?

Well. It's amazing when we don't need to ask, but when we do… Uhm.

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