questions girls want to ask during sex

13 Questions EVERY Girl Wants To Ask During Sex - But Doesn't!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Women are curious creatures. Yes, even when we're having sex! What's the problem with that?! Our minds just cannot stop working, so here are some genuine and, um, a bit funny questions that every girl wants to ask...during SEX! (But we don’t actually ask them, we swear!)

1. Am I doing this right?

2. How long do you think we'll be at it this time?

2 questions girls want to ask during sex

3. Am I sounding sexy? Or a bit like a frog?

4. Does this remind you of gym class? All this racing hearts and stuff...

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5. My tummy feels funny, what is happening?!

5 questions girls want to ask during sex

6. Can you feel my leg hair? I waxed, like, 3 weeks ago!

7. Actually, can you feel anything but your own leg hair? Just curious.

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8. Do I look good in this position? Is my stomach looking weird?

8 questions girls want to ask during sex

9. Do you expect me to do to your nipples what you just did to mine?

10. Was that sound me? Or was that you? Did you even hear it?

11. Okay, your face is all scrunched up - is that pleasure or are you in pain?

11 questions girls want to ask during sex

12. WOW, was this the best for you too?!

13. Is it okay if I pass out now?

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Published on Jul 13, 2016
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