10 Questions I Want To Ask My “Fair-And-Lovely” Obsessed Society

10 Questions I Want To Ask My “Fair-And-Lovely” Obsessed Society
How many times has someone, you have bumped into after a long time, looked at you in horror and said, "Oh my god, you have tanned so much!"? Or that time your aunt recommended remedies to lighten your skin? And of course, the daily moments when the television advertisements tell you that fair skin is on the list of requisites for a good job or a better love life!

To my fair-and-lovely-obsessed society, I want to ask:

1. “How does the colour of my skin determine whether I'm lovely?”

Shouldn't it be obvious that it's my behaviour and attitude that will tell you if I am a lovely person?

2. “Did you know that melanin content – which is higher in darker-skinned people – actually protects the person from sun damage?”

So how is that not good enough for you?

3. “Did you know your careless words adversely influence the way children feel?”

When you tell a child that his or her skin colour is not desirable, you are laying a foundation for insecurities. And it might even mess up their self-esteem as adults.

3 obsessed with fair complexion

4. “Why did you make it okay to create nicknames based on the colour of my skin?”

That’s just so incorrect and sometimes offensive as well.

5. “Did you know that in some parts of the world, people pay money at tanning salons to have a darker complexion?”

Not that I am endorsing the trend, but man, I wish I could send a photograph of my smug grin.

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6. “Also, do you know that sunscreen is primarily to protect against sun damage?”

Slathering it on is not going to dramatically alter my natural skin tone.

6 obsessed with fair complexion

7. “Why do you spend so much money on fairness products?”

It's something you can't change and there are lots of nice clothes and vacations and food to spend your money on.

8. “Why do matrimonial websites need to know your complexion?”

Is there an add-on button to filter out prospects who want a certain complexion? Because that would weed out the superficial people right away. Win-win!

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9. “Isn't it weird that most Bollywood songs extol the gori heroine?”

Wouldn't you rather wish that the guy sings praises about how awesome you are at life?

9 obsessed with fair complexion

10. “Final question - don't you think it's time we break this vicious cycle?"

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