Marriage License & Other Stuff: The Bride’s Practical Checklist

Marriage License & Other Stuff: The Bride’s Practical Checklist
While you are making sure you don’t miss out on anything for your wedding - from the best outfits to the best wedding professionals available in the market, don’t forget about the official and legal details that need to be taken care of as well! We have come up with this practical checklist for the bride-to-be to make sure has everything she needs in place. :-)

1. Apply for your marriage license

1 practical checklist for every bride

It’s great to take seven pheras and wear a sindoor and have a hundred people attend your wedding - but all that doesn't make it legal. So, get yourself registered and make sure you get a marriage license. It is also an essential document for obtaining a passport, changing your surname, etc., and is legal proof of the marriage taking place.

2. Change your name on all official documents

If you do choose to change your surname to your partner’s, then you must know that the law demands that you have your name changed on all your official documents, such as your driving license, PAN card, passport, voter ID, insurance policies, etc., too.

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3. Make sure you update your new address everywhere!

3 practical checklist for every bride

You will be shifting worlds when you’ll shift to your in-laws’ place or a place of your own with your husband. Make sure that while you’re carrying all the items that are used to living with along with you, also remember that your address is officially changing. Even if you don’t change your surname, you’re definitely changing location. Which means all your bank and credit card accounts, your telephone bill address, etc., have to be updated with your new address. Don’t be lazy about this - you don’t want to miss any important communication, right?!

4. Apply for your visa for that honeymoon trip you’re planning

Honeymoon planning doesn’t just mean picking a location and dreaming about it - it also means applying for the visa well in advance (almost 2 months ahead) so that you can actually get to go there. There are a few countries that provide visa on arrival, though - but for most others you need to obtain these clearances from the country’s embassy or consulate first.

5. Get all your medical tests done

5 practical checklist for every bride

Irrespective of whether you’re having a love marriage or one that’s arranged by your parents - it is imperative for both you and your partner to get your medical tests done to rule out possibilities of any genetic disorders or infections, etc., that may cause complications in the future.

6. Open a joint account with your partner

It’s great to have and keep your individual account, but it’s important to have at least one account shared with your partner. Talk to your partner about your income tax returns and file them on time as well.

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7. Have an open conversation about your financial status

7 practical checklist for every bride

Now that you are marrying someone, you need to make sure that two of you are open about your financial assets and liabilities with each other. Make sure that you know about the kind of savings and investments he has along with the debts and loans he has taken - and how he plans on repaying them. Tell him about your financial plans too. It is important to be know about each other’s financial status so that no unexpected burdens that may arise in the future.

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