9 “Makeout Spots” EVERY College Couple Knows! *Wink*

9 “Makeout Spots” EVERY College Couple Knows! *Wink*
We know what life’s like in college. You’re young, broke, fabulous…and probably in a relationship (you can’t escape them *hormones*). And so you keep looking for quiet, little corners to escape from the world and um, just have little adventures of your own. Here are 9 places all couples in college try have make-out sessions in...

Make out Spot 1. Under those dark, lonely staircases and behind isolated alleys!

‘Coz only brave lovers can venture where all other humans refuse to go.

Make out Spot 2. Between the many shelves of the library.

Coz it’s dark, it’s cosy, it’s quiet and the bookshelves just make for an amazing setup to steal a few kisses or maybe a make out session in!

2 couples in college

Make out Spot 3. In an empty classroom...

‘Coz the sight of an empty classroom is too hard to resist. Plus it’s the only room you will actually ever get!

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Make out Spot 4. On the roof!

Because, the view.

4 couples in college

Make out Spot 5. In a vacant science lab

‘Coz no one’s gonna suspect you of making out against foul-smelling, potentially lethal chemicals.

Make out Spot 6. In his hostel room

‘Coz, if you do manage to get past the warden, you need to reward yourselves with a good time.

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Make out Spot 7. In the auto

‘Coz it’s the best place to play footsie. And no, the autowallahs don’t give a damn about who’s doing what on their backseat!

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Make out Spot 8. Behind the college lawn’s huge, ancient trees...

‘Coz we all take a few lessons in making out from Bollywood.

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Make out Spot 9. On the teacher's desk.

Oh, it’s the ultimate fantasy. Imagine just how badass it would feel!

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