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5 Ideas To Make You Feel Extra Special On Your Big Day!

5 Ideas To Make You Feel Extra Special On Your Big Day!

When it comes to planning that big day, we spend hours and days going over the menu, the flower arrangements and the lighting. But ladies, it’s 2016 and right now it’s more than just being perfect. Weddings today are all about making it more personal...for the couple and for the guests. Here are 5 quick and quirky ways to personalize your wedding.

1. Lehenga diaries

Owner of the label Koesch, Kresha Bajaj created a wedding lehenga that showcased the couple's love story. Using traditional gold and white embroidery, the karigars beautifully sewed the couple’s story and their milestones onto the ensemble.
personalize your wedding Vanraj and Kresha - the couple’s name embroidered on the lehenga. personalize your wedding The Maldives proposal beautifully created with jumping dolphins at the hem! Images: The House of Pixels

2. Wedding speeches FTW!

It’s a Western concept that’s now making it’s presence felt in Indian weddings too. Your loved ones making heartfelt speeches is something you’ll cherish and remember forever. personalize your wedding Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography Also read: 6 Awesome Apps To Make Your Wedding Planning SO Much Easier!

3. Show your bridesmaids some love

Your besties and soul sisters have such a huge role to play throughout the wedding… and there is just so much you can do for them and with them at the shaadi. personalize your wedding Image: Canopy Road Designs on Instagram We love these personalized outfit hangers for the bride and bridesmaids… makes getting ready more fun right?! personalize your wedding Image: PhotographicK Ooh… how cute is that Miss to Mrs ribbon?! #weddinggoals!

4. Signature drinks!

Drinks dedicated to the bride and groom? Hell yeah! How cool would that be! personalize your weddingImage: Bhumi & Simran Photography Now that’s how you personalize the bar! Also read: Super Cute Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Decor!

5. Involve the kiddies

Because, well, we all love kids and it’ll be so nice to have them play an important (and super cute!) role at the wedding.
personalize your wedding Awww… Wouldn’t you love to have ring security at your engagement! personalize your wedding Your nephew or niece announcing the dulhan’s arrival... So fun! Images: PhotographicK    
Published on Jul 8, 2016
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