The Perks Of Doing Long Distance - 13 Things You Didn’t Know!

The Perks Of Doing Long Distance - 13 Things You Didn’t Know!
The first few thoughts that come to mind as soon as we hear the term 'long distance relationship' are loneliness, craving for those hugs and kisses, exorbitant phone bills, ugly fights and crazy jealousy. But it isn’t actually that bad. Yes, a long distance relationship brings along with it some challenges, but who knew it could serve you with its own perks as well! Don't believe us? Read on...

1. The ultimate reality check for infatuation vs true love!

So you guys met, spent some romantic moments together and it felt great! It's easy peasy to go on in a relationship till you're hanging out together and having fun. But you know it’s the real thing when you’re living miles apart, with a million things to distract you all day, every day, and you still can't help thinking about him.

1 long distance relationship

2. Fewer distractions on the wrong days

No dates a day before an exam, and no bunking classes with your college sweetheart. This might just be helpful in the long run, ladies!

3. Lust or Love? You'll get the answer here!

The ultimate relationship goal changes from getting laid to greying together. A long distance relationship would surely give you that clarity.

4. Stay unwaxed for weeks, ditch the gym, flaunt your natural beauty with no makeup!

Because your boyfriend's not here to tease you about that upper lip hair, and the likes.

4 long distance relationship

5. Uninterrupted girly time!

Go ahead and shop till you drop, or gossip over long lunches and dinners with your girls. No need to divide your time between your gang of girls and the lover boy.

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6. No daily dose of drama and fights over priority!

Why did you cancel our date last minute? Why is it that you always choose to hang out with your friends and not make enough plans with me? You really don’t have to deal with all of this, girls.

7. The time spent is mostly quality time!

Because you tend to give each other the much-needed love, care and attention, and discuss things that need to be discussed face-to-face as you both know that this moment is not going to come back so soon.

7 long distance relationship

8. The anticipation of finally seeing each other is special too!

And those butterflies in your stomach while counting down to the day when you finally get to be together - the feeling is way too special.

9. Traveling - the cherry on top!

If you love to pack your bags, put on your sneakers and head away from your home and city, a long distance relationship might be exactly what you need. And what better travel plans than when the destination is where the love of your life stays.

10. You never have to struggle for some 'me time'!

You already have plenty of that!

10 long distance relationship

11. You both learn to avoid petty fights!

Who wants to waste time on such petty matters when you’re already living so far apart!

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12. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Do I need to say anything more?

13. Yours is the role model for other relationships

Friends cite your relationship as an example to other couples who're struggling to make their relationship work.13 long distance relationship

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