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5 Things You’ll Get If You Just Can’t Do Without Your Family!

5 Things You’ll Get If You Just Can’t Do Without Your Family!
Many people say it is hard to have a successful career when you value your family’s opinions. However, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to balance your family life with your career and you don’t have to give up one for the other. Many of us have learnt the art of balancing both and being good at it. Here are 5 things you’ll totally get if you’re as career-oriented as you are family-oriented.

1. Your family’s suggestions matter

No matter how independent you’ve become and how much your family trusts your decisions, you always turn to them for advice and to reinstate your belief in your decisions.

need family for almost everything

2. Your colleagues think you’re incapable of taking decisions

Every time your colleagues see you seek advice from your family, they think you are incapable of decision-making.They don’t get that by taking advice from someone who is more experienced, you’re actually making more informed decisions.

3. You keep in touch with all your family members despite your schedule

You may be a busy bee, but you make sure you call up your little brother to ask about his exams, and you inform your parents about your work and your love life on a regular basis. In fact, you even care enough to keep track of the medicines your grandparents need to take. Now that’s what you call an all-rounder!

need family for almost everything

4. You have a LOT of people to celebrate your achievements with

If you’re prompted or when you’re recognised for being a good worker, you don’t just have your family to celebrate with. Your colleagues are just as enthusiastic to join in the celebration. Your phone won’t stop buzzing and everyone wants a treat! *sigh*

5. Your leaves are really well-planned

You’re a dedicated worker and you hate taking leaves, but when you do have to take a leave, you plan it according to when members of your family are on leave as well. Leaves are usually reserved for family vacations because you believe family always sticks by each other.

need family for almost everything

Contributed By: Rachayita Giri

Rachayita is currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology at IGDTUW, Delhi. She is a lover of beauty in the rawest forms. She is as fascinated by Stephen Hawking as by John Keats. She spends her time sketching, writing her heart out, playing the keyboard or just weaving fairy tales for her blog.    

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