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7 Myths About A Girl's First Time You Should Never Believe

7 Myths About A Girl's First Time You Should Never Believe
It’s a really sad thing that we haven’t been given sex education in a proper manner. Whatever we know, we know through our friends, through the internet and through various other sources. And because the information that we have received has come from sources which are not verified, believing in something gets really hard. Same is the case with virginity. We spell out 7 myths about virginity that we should get rid of NOW. Read on...

1. A hymen can be broken only by sex

No, the hymen does not specifically "break" or tear because one has had sex, although it can be one of the reasons. A hymen stretches itself out during strenuous activities and also because of sports. So, that’s all that happens. It’s also not something you can actually "break".

1 Myths about virginity

2. You become impure after you have sex for the first time

How can a person be “impure”? And how were you “pure” before you had sex? Does the guy become “impure” too? Just rethink this one, everyone.

3. Every girl bleeds when she loses her virginity

No, one need not. There is no hard and fast rule that says that a girl HAS to bleed after the first time she has sex. It happens to some, it doesn’t happen to some. Both are completely normal.

3 Myths about virginity

4. When you lose your virginity, you lose your pride too

No one should make you feel bad about having sex. But of course, you’ve got to be sure of what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. If you're comfortable with it, your pride remains intact.  

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5. Nice guys only like virgins

What sort of “nice” is this then? No, nice guys don’t care about things like these. If he’s a nice guy he would focus more on you and your qualities, rather than the fact that you have or have not had sex before.

5 Myths about virginity

6. Using a tampon means you’re not a virgin anymore

Irrespective of whether a girl has or has not had sex, many girls assume that the minute you use a tampon you’re not a virgin anymore. Don't be fooled ladies, this is totally false!

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7. If you reach so and so age, it’s shameful to be a virgin

It isn’t really! No matter how old you become it’s completely okay to be a virgin. Remember, it is your body and your rules. Peer pressure is very real and you shouldn’t buckle! Take all the time you need.

7 Myths about virginity

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