#MyStory: It Took 8 Years For Our Love Story To Start *Properly*

#MyStory: It Took 8 Years For Our Love Story To Start *Properly*
During my high school days, I had gone to my cousin Eva’s school carnival. There I met her friend Dhruv, a nice and decent guy. A few days later, I got a Facebook friend request from him and accepted it. However, we never chatted or commented on each other’s posts.

Two years later, while I was waiting for the results of my entrance exams for engineering colleges, I joined BBA. When Eva came to know this, she mentioned that Dhruv was also in the same college and that he would be my senior. In fact, she had also told him that I was joining his college.

On my first day, Dhruv met me and very politely said, “If you need any help, you can come to me.” At our freshers’ party I came to know that he has an amazing voice when he sang a song. However, I didn’t stay in the college for long as I got through my entrance exam and got admission in an engineering college. Dhruv must have noticed my absence, for I got a text from him saying, “Hey, it’s been few days haven’t seen you in college.” I told him the reason and after chatting for a while we both wished each other luck and said our goodbyes.

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We both lost touch, but thanks to Eva I kept getting updates about him. After finishing his BBA, he went to the UK for his post-graduation and later to Dubai where he got a job. Meanwhile, I had completed my engineering and was busy applying for jobs.

As I had a lot of free time in hand, I joined a gym. One day, I saw a familiar face in the gym… I thought it was Dhruv! I saw him through the mirror and he looked different. I pondered for a while whether I should go and talk to him, and then decided against it. Last I heard he was in Dubai, what if it was some other guy?

Internal matches are made in heaven

However, I could not stop thinking about him. So later that evening, I messaged him asking if he was in Delhi because I had seen a guy who looked so much like him in my gym. It was him! In fact, he told me that he also saw me but got confused just like me. We had a catch up chat and I found out that he had to leave his job in Dubai and come back to join his family business.  

And as luck would have it, the very next day I got a job and so I had to leave the gym due to my work timings. Six months later, after my work routine was set, I joined another gym near my office. And on the very first evening I got a message from Dhruv, “Are you still going to the gym?" I was shocked. It would be too much of a coincidence if he had joined my new gym too… I looked around to see if he was there but he wasn’t. Turns out he had just sent the text to talk to me. We started chatting, and this time the conversation didn’t end after a while… it went on for hours.

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Our chats became more regular, after talking to him for just a week I knew I had fallen for him. My friends were totally surprised because I am not someone who trusts people easily, but it was different with him. We both decided that we had to go on our first date. And our first date was no less than magical. I had never felt so connected with a guy the way I did with him. I know it sounds crazy but we decided to tell our parents about us.

Like they say, if it’s meant to happen, things will fall into place. Four months later, we got engaged and got married after a year. When I think back, it seems unbelievable the way we kept meeting each other at different stages of life.

BTW, he told me that he found me pretty the day he saw me at his school’s carnival and had a crush on me when I joined his college. He also confessed that he sang at our freshers’ party to impress me! He had told his friends about me after he saw me at the gym and he had to sum up courage for six months to send me that message. LOL.

I'm head over heels in love with this guy. And my own story has made me believe that matches are made in heaven and if you're meant to be with someone, you will find him!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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