#MyStory: Our Love Story Lasted Only A Few Days, But...

#MyStory: Our Love Story Lasted Only A Few Days, But...
Three years back we had our Annual General Meeting at Udaipur and Samir from our Delhi office was the one coordinating with our Mumbai office, where I was based. We often spoke to each other and I found him to be a decent and friendly person. With each passing day, I started getting a little anxious about meeting him in person.

The day finally came and when our Mumbai team reached Udaipur, he was there at the station to receive us. While I had seen how good looking he was in his photos, that day I saw how charming his smile was… It could steal any girl’s heart.  

He was driving, so I chose to sit behind the driver’s seat. This way I could look at him in the front mirror. So, till the time we reached our hotel, Samir and I kept looking at each other through the mirror.

Later that night, after dinner, I was going back to my room when I received a message from him - “Will you go on a walk with me?” I was a little surprised, but I accepted without any hesitation. We had a nice walk and pleasant conversation. Suddenly, it started raining and we had to run towards the hotel. We continued our conversation sitting at the beautiful porch of the hotel. There couldn’t have been a better set up for us and he gave me another surprise when he just hugged me while I was talking. I stopped talking and I must say it was a wonderful moment.

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Since, we used to be busy whole day with meeting and workshops, Samir and I would always find some alone time in the evening. And the night walks continued till the end of our tour. We would walk around holding each other’s hand and share with each other our interests, opinions and life experiences. Though we had met very recently, I felt really comfortable talking to him… there was something about him that made me open up to him. I had never felt this way about anyone before.

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Unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end… and our story came to an end on the last night of our AGM. Breaking away from our routine, we didn’t go for a walk on our last night. I went to his room and gave him a tight hug and told him how I didn’t want to leave him. And he kissed me… our first kiss! We ended our night with that amazing kiss.

I went to the hotel lobby to see him off the next morning when he was about to leave for the station. We hugged before he sat in the car and the moment he drove off I couldn’t stop my tears. He saw me crying, stopped his car and came back to hug me. He kept messaging me till he reached Delhi.

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We tried to continue with our thing afterwards, but soon realized that the long distance thing wouldn’t work. But no matter what happened later, the moments we shared at the trip will always be very dear to me… I had never experienced romance the way I did with Samir.

What I had with Samir made me realize that some times, it doesn’t matter how long your relationship lasted, what matters is the love you felt for each other and the moments you shared… after all, love is all about the feelings, right?

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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