#FashionDiaries: 3 Days To The Shaadi & My Lehenga Didn't Fit!

#FashionDiaries: 3 Days To The Shaadi & My Lehenga Didn't Fit!
No wedding is complete without its last minute shopping ritual. I mean, when my sister got married, we hadn’t finished shopping till there was only a week left for the wedding! You know what was even scarier?! I hadn’t even found the perfect outfit for myself yet!

Believe me, I went from shop to shop only to be left with disappointment. Every lehenga I saw was either loose, too large, too flashy or too subtle. My heart wasn’t set on any. I believe that when you do find the perfect outfit, you know it, your heart knows it. If it’s not love at first sight, it’s not the ‘one’.

Disgusted with all my options, I decided to settle for the next outfit my eyes landed upon. At night, I was casually browsing through a fashion website and all of a sudden I spotted a gorgeous pink lehenga by one of the biggest designers in the country! I was lucky that not only was it on discount, but it was LOVE at first sight. Without thinking twice, I bought it.

Thanks to speedy delivery, the lehenga reached home in 2 days. When I heard my doorbell ring and had the carefully wrapped package in my hands, I couldn’t help but jump with joy. It felt amazing! I finally didn’t have to stress about my outfit.

My mom and sister insisted that I try it on just in case it needs minor alterations. I opened the box, and a bright rani pink colour fabric popped out. I had a good feeling about this. I started by trying the skirt, the fit was perfect! I then went on to try the blouse. Turns out, it was too small! I flipped! There were only 3 days left and my lehenga blouse just wasn’t fitting me the way I wanted it to. Plus, I didn’t have time on my hands to exchange it. The shimmery blouse exposed too much of my cleavage and midriff. I couldn’t possibly wear it to a wedding. Least of all my sister’s!

internal designer lehenga did not fit

I kept feeling stressed, but somehow my mom and sister kept saying that it’ll be alright and we’ll figure out something. Every designer boutique I went to refused to fix it for me because they thought it affected their professionalism. Some of them even lectured me about not buying designer clothes online and how they hated to work on some other designer’s work. I realized, I had enough of this. I was so done with feeling guilty when it wasn’t my fault in the first place.

In the middle of all the chaos, I had a brilliant idea. Why not buy a new blouse that matches the colour of the lehenga skirt? That’s what I exactly did! I went to the Infinity 2 mall in Mumbai and hopped from store to store to find the perfect blouse. And, I did, at one particular store.

This store named ‘Ethnicity’ not only had readymade blouses but they also had a variety of designs to pick from. My eyes fell on this beautiful gold lehenga blouse that had sparkly stones all over it. It looked so grand and it completed my lehenga skirt like it was meant to be! The fit was perfect and the best part was that it cost a fraction for what I had paid for my entire lehenga set.

Believe me or not, but this outfit combination really worked out in my favour. I received so many compliments that day and I felt so good about my decision. I realized that there’s always a way if you’re looking for one. To hell with the boutique designers who shooed me away and insulted my choices. If you are creative enough, you’ll never be left without a choice.
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