#MyStory: I Saw My Bestie’s Boyfriend Kissing Another Girl...

#MyStory: I Saw My Bestie’s Boyfriend Kissing Another Girl...
I met Anoushka when I moved to a different city after my college admission. We were roommates first and soon realised that we were so much alike! We clicked quickly and became the best of friends.

She started dating Anuj in the second year of our college. She had gone through a rough break up so I told her to take things slow with Anuj, I didn’t want her to get hurt again. But their relationship lasted a year and eventually she got serious about him. She told me that he was the one and seeing her so happy with him I was also truly happy for her.

On their first year anniversary we decided to go on a double date; I was dating a guy but it was nothing serious. On Friday night, we both went for movies separately with our respective guys and then met for dinner at this fine dining restaurant. Anoushka and Anuj walked 10 minutes after us holding hands. I could see she was blushing, “Looks like someone enjoyed her anniversary”, my date Shaan whispered in my ear.

The four of us were having a really nice dinner, with interesting conversation and a lot of laughter as well. Though Anuj and I hardly spoke beyond small talks, that night I felt comfortable with him and we had a proper conversation.

Halfway through the dinner, I had to go to the restroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Anuj talking on the phone, standing at the back door of the restaurant. I got suspicious, the way he was cupping his hand around the phone while talking. Quietly, I walked towards the door and ducked behind the counter near the back door. It was the best spot to eavesdrop and see what he was up to. But he was speaking so softly that I could hardly hear him.

internal boyfriend kiss another girl

After trying for a couple of minutes to hear his conversation, I decided to go back to the table as I couldn’t hear what he was saying at all. But then I saw a girl come towards him and they started talking. There was no way I was leaving the spot now. For a moment I did feel a little weird for spying on him; she could be just a friend or someone he knew. My doubts were cleared the very next moment when I saw them kiss. And it was not that just she kissed him… he kissed her back!

It was crystal clear that Anuj was cheating on my best friend.

Although, I was furious at him I didn’t feel like creating any scene in a public place. So, I just quietly went back to our table and joined Shaan and Anoushka at the table. Anuj came back to the table after 5 minutes. Seeing him talk and laugh as if nothing had happened made me mad. I just couldn’t help glaring at him. Shaan noticed this and enquired if everything was okay, I didn’t tell him anything. I wanted to confront the guy before telling anything to Anoushka.

The next day, I copied his number from Anoushka’s phone and asked him to meet me. I told him what I had seen at the restaurant and asked him what was going on. He panicked and told me that he used to date that girl and it was nothing but a goodbye kiss as she was leaving the city. I knew he was just making lame excuses so I said, “Listen, either you tell Anoushka what happened last night or I will.” He got scared and confessed to her.

This incident took place three years back, Anuj went back to that girl and Anoushka is happy pursuing her dream job.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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