#FashionDiaries: My Wraparound Skirt Came Off... On The Road!

#FashionDiaries: My Wraparound Skirt Came Off... On The Road!
If you knew me, you’d know that I have always been that girl who’d wear comfy cotton pajamas over basically everything. I mean, they are airy, soft on the skin and give my thighs the space they need - I couldn’t ask for anything more from an outfit.

However, once I joined college, I came to accept the idea that this was my age to experiment, to move out of my comfort zone and do more exciting things with my wardrobe. Soon I graduated to jeans, jeggings and leggings, but still missed the airiness of harem pants and the like. It was before the day of my first ever internship that a friend loaned me her wraparound skirt.

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I had never worn a wraparound skirt before, but my friend said, “you just wrap it and tie it.” How could I refuse such an easy and comfortable looking piece of cloth? So on the day of my internship, I took out a plain black crop top, a boho silver neckpiece and got down to tying the skirt.

internal wraparound skirt came undone

No matter how many times I tied the knot, the skirt seemed to always slip a little lower, feel too loose or flap open in between my legs as soon as I walked! By this time I was at a point where the skirt looked like a disaster and finding another outfit would mean me being late on my first day.

Eventually, I got tired of all the fuss, tied a random knot around my waist and attached a safety pin on the skirt’s open flap to keep it together. I won’t lie, I looked quite pretty once all of this was done. My confidence was at an all time high when I got out of the metro and started my five minute walk to the workplace and then… I felt the tight knot loosen around my waist.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized what was happening and quickened my steps to reach the destination before a disaster occurred! Walking faster, however, made things worse, as the knot loosened faster until the only thing holding the skirt together was that one flimsy safety pin and my tight hand around the now open knot.

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I couldn’t believe my bad luck! I was one block away from my office, running out of time to reach there and my skirt was almost down on the street! Cursing my friend and almost on the verge of tears as my face turned red with embarrassment, I tried to think of a quick way to get out of this fashion disaster.

There was no saving the situation so I just pulled my bag in front and tied a makeshift knot as subtly as I could. Next I bent down to quickly remove the safety pin and put it on the knot as I held the flap with my other free hand. I used my huge tote bag to hide the messiness of it all until I reached work and rushed to the bathroom to fix it.

As much as I hated the experience, I decided I will not let it leave a scar. I am now the proud owner of three pretty wraparound skirts that I wear with one bittersweet memory and tons of extra safety pins!