#FashionDiaries: I Wore A Low-Neck Dress On The Metro And... | POPxo
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#FashionDiaries: I Wore A Low-Neck Dress On The Metro And...

#FashionDiaries: I Wore A Low-Neck Dress On The Metro And...

I live approximately 30 kms away from my workplace. Just a one-way daily commute for me includes vehicles ranging from a chauffeur driven car to crowded metros and shared autos to reach my final destination. Of course, I only on workdays. But one Saturday, I had to go for a party all the way across the city, almost close to my workplace, so I decided to take the same route.
Obviously, I had chosen to dress up a little bit fancy since it was a party. I had put on a knee-length dress and tiny kitten heels and had wrapped a scarf around my neck to hide all the skin that was showing. It wasn’t a particularly revealing dress I would say, but yes, the neckline was a tad bit lower than my usual metro attire. I haven’t had any altercations and awkward situations in the metro in terms of oglers or just lewd behaviour from strangers, since I always travel in the Ladies compartment. Also read: #FashionDiaries: My Strapless Bra Disaster… On A Bus! But this Saturday, we were three girls and one guy going for the party and we were running late, so we decided to hop onto the general compartment. It wasn’t that crowded so we were okay with our decision. Internal wearing a dress in the metro Halfway through, a huge crowd came into the compartment at this huge junction where the different lines connect. I thought we would manage, since we were all so busy chatting. That’s when I saw this man trying to peek into my dress. He was coming closer and had his eyes set on me. I fixed my scarf around myself, but because of the movement of the metro, it would keep shifting.
I became rather uncomfortable with this and decided to switch places with my other friend. I tried to ignore this person for the rest of the journey and carried on talking with my friends. I had to ignore this so I wouldn’t feel weird about it. Also read: #FashionDiaries: What Happened When I Wore A Bikini In India… We reached the metro station and took a shared auto, but it was just four of us sharing the auto so that was fine. I am glad I carried a scarf with me. I made up my mind that there are certain men in the city who don’t have manners whatsoever and since I am travelling alone most of the times, I wouldn’t want to be in this position again. Even though I would continue wearing whatever clothes I want, I’ll be careful to pick the place and time so that It doesn’t reach this point ever again. Such is the reality of our lives. It’s annoying and ****ed up but a girl’s gotta go what she has to, to make it by peacefully!
Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jul 3, 2016
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