9 Things NOT To Do Even If You’re Seriously Mad At Him | POPxo
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9 Things NOT To Do Even If You’re Seriously Mad At Him

9 Things NOT To Do Even If You’re Seriously Mad At Him

We’ve all heard this famous quote before (and maybe a million times too) - “Behind every angry woman is a man who does not know what he’s done wrong”. Men claim to not get hints but even after we’ve given our men a detailed account of why we are pissed, their immediate response comes in the form of, “What do you mean?”. Arrey! However, even if we are really mad at them, there are a few things that we should stop doing. These are some mistakes that we should not make when we are mad at our boyfriends.

1. Telling the world through social media that you are pissed

There is no need for this. No one wants to know about your problems and it’s very unattractive to wash your dirty laundry in public. Talk to your man about it and be patient. Refrain from telling it to the whole world.

2. Break up with him

It’s not going to happen. You love him as much he loves you. So why this unnecessary drama? Don’t do this just to validate the fact that he infact loves you and would never leave you. Well, would you really break up with your guy over a stupid fight? No! 2 mistakes we should not make

3. Bring up things from the past

Let’s admit it once and for all, we love doing this, don’t we? We have this special talent of unearthing things from a million years ago and it would be something he would have forgotten ages ago too. Focus, woman! Focus on what is wrong now and find a way to solve it - fighting doesn’t solve anything. Be an adult, do the right thing.

4. Bring other people into the fight

Like those poor common friends who are forced to take sides. No one likes to take sides in a fight that is not their own, even if they know both sides of the story.
4 mistakes we should not make

5. Say rude things to him that you don’t mean

All you have to do is take a deep breath, count to 10 and repeat this routine till you have calmed down. Drink a glass of water and remember all the good things he’s done for you and how amazing he is as a person.

6. Cry

It’s our one sole weapon that doesn’t fail. Ever. If we cry, he melts and he feels super guilty about what he’s done, even if it was a small fight. We are stronger than this, aren’t we? 6 mistakes we should not make

7. Cancel plans

He might have made some grand plans for the both of you, either alone or with friends. Everyone gets excited to meet up and have a great time and then there’s you, sulking in a corner and refusing to move. Just go, have a chill time and forget about the fight. This isn’t the first and last fight you are going to have.

8. Bitch about him

To your best friend, to your best guy friend, to your mother. Such petty behaviour. It’s going to affect their opinion of him negatively for nothing. Don’t do it!
8 mistakes we should not make

9. Not eat

And make him worry. Eat your food, dear girl, eat your food.The food has done nothing to you. GIFs: GiphyTumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Relationship Mistakes He May Make & Why You Should Forgive Them MUST-READ: 7 Super Cute Ways To Text Him “Good Night”!
Published on Jul 7, 2016
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