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9 Mistakes To Totally Avoid If You're A Bride-To-Be!

9 Mistakes To Totally Avoid If You're A Bride-To-Be!

The moment the wedding date is announced, most brides-to-be go into full wedding planning mode. There’re clothes to buy, venues to fix, sangeet dance rehearsals to organize and food to taste - basically it’s all-around chaos. Just to make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of mistakes brides make - so that you are focused on you, and are healthy and stress-free through (most) of the wedding planning madness!

1. Crash dieting

It is extremely tempting to start a diet right after the engagement is announced. But girls, don’t! It’s extremely harmful for you - you will gradually become physically weaker, hunger will elevate your stress levels, and a lack of nutrition will have a bad effect on your skin and hair! Instead, chalk out your ideal weight and create a 6-month healthy eating and exercise plan to achieve it. Trust us, not only will you feel calm (exercise is a great stress-buster!) and energetic throughout, you’ll look and feel better too by the time the wedding date comes around! mistakes brides make 1

2. Keeping up with the Sharmas

So destination weddings are a major trend right now. So are theme functions and you want your wedding to be fun and memorable, right? But take a moment and think - what is it that you want? Do you want a big family celebration or a small, intimate affair? Do you want to focus on a big party with all your friends and family or you love the wedding traditions and want to have them at home? Can you do away with the ‘save the date’ shoot or you want a professional photographer to document every moment of your wedding journey? Focus on things you like so that your wedding is an event that you also enjoy, and not just your guests.

3. Buying a shaadi joda without finalising any of the other details

...Like the venue or keeping an eye on the weather. Us girls dream about the shaadi outfit but keep a few practical considerations in mind before you go out shopping. You might want a simple wedding outfit, but if you end up booking a grand venue you’ll feel a bit underdressed. Managing a heavy lehenga is very hard on sand (if you’re having a beach destination wedding) or walking in stilettos on grass. Plus, if it’s a summer or monsoon wedding, you should opt for lighter fabrics like georgette or light silk. This goes for your makeup products too - they should be weather appropriate!

4. Mera wala dress, and nothing else

Keep an open mind when you go shopping for your outfits. You might love the mermaid-cut lehenga, but it’s not flattering on every body shape or very comfortable. Same goes for colours and fabrics! So take professional opinion before you make the final decisions. Here’s a great primer for when you go lehenga shopping.

5. The right shoes can save your life!

Take along the shoes you intend to wear during the functions and on the wedding day to the outfit fittings. Too high heels and they’ll peek out from under the short lehenga skirt, too short and your hem will puddle on the ground - ruining your look and create a tripping hazard! This goes for all ankle-length anarkalis and saree petticoats too! mistakes brides make 5

6. Not enough time for hair and makeup

You don’t want to feel rushed on the day of the wedding, do you? Which is why do a full makeup trial before the wedding so that you know how much time you’ll need. Add to it 30-45 minutes for wearing the shaadi ka joda - your makeup artist can give you an estimate for both these things, but add half hour more - and some time for the photographer so that you are properly photographed before you move out to the wedding venue. Use this time to also relax and prepare yourself for the long ceremony ahead. Step on the stage with a big smile rather than a frown of worry!

7. Going super trendy with the hair and makeup

Sure you love that bright orange lipstick but will it photograph well and look great five years later? Makeup and hairstyles look dated so quickly in photographs that it’s always a good idea to choose classic styles and hues. For hair, think of the comfort factor too. If you’ve never had an updo in your life, you don’t need one for the wedding. For other styles, here’s some hair inspiration for you.

8. Overdoing the hair products

You want shiny, glossy locks on the wedding day, we get it. But the day of the wedding isn’t the time to go all out. Instead, eat well in the months before the wedding, try out your home remedies and get the hair treatments done. Shampoo your hair a day before the wedding (not on the D-day!) and do not use conditioner or any serum. Day-old washed hair is actually easier to style and the conditioner or serum might make your hair too silky for the style to hold.

9. Not taking a timeout

...From the wedding planning and shopping, and listening to advice from every well-meaning person. Just before the shaadi, life gets very hectic. So take some time out and book yourself a spa date or go on a short vacation. You have to put yourself first! mistakes brides make 9 GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!
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Published on Jul 4, 2016
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