Lessons I learnt from mom

9 Relationship Lessons Every Girl Learns From Her Mom!

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

Guest Contributor

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships and some of the most valuable lessons you learn will always come from your own set of parents, especially your mom. Here are 9 lessons that I have learnt from mine because, like they say, mum’s the best and she is always right!

1. Love your hubby

It’s the best cement for any relationship but more so for a marriage. And once love is lost, all is lost.

1 Lessons I learnt from mom

2. Treat each other with respect

Respect is as crucial as love. Make sure you never lose it for your partner and neither do you do anything that will make him lose respect for you.

3. Spend quality time with each other

The best way get along and ahead in life is to really enjoy each other’s company. For this, it is crucial to spend time with your partner doing little things (groceries included), laughing hard and sharing everything.

4. Never lie

Once either of you lose trust, it will always be a downhill journey from thereon. Come what may, don’t ever, ever lie to your partner. No white lies either. Let there be transparency.

5. Be kind

Remember that if it is important to one of you, it is important. So learn to give your time and effort in a nice, kind way. Never as a chore – just be nice.

5 Lessons I learnt from mom

6. Be smart with your money (and his)

Get your finances sorted on priority and make sure that you watch what you spend and learn to save in every way you can. Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish, but be smart enough to handle any situation. Try as much as possible to live debt and mortgage-free.

7. Family First

Everything else can wait. Seriously, everything! Eat at least one meal a day together (not in front of the TV) and use this time to connect. Go on family vacations and, if possible, spend birthdays and holidays with extended families.

8. Listen to each other

If you don't, who else will? Sometimes, you don’t need to give advice but just lend a ear and let him vent.

9. Be happy with what you have

It is good to be aspirational but think simple and that is the only way you can learn to live each moment.

9 lessons I learnt from mom

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Published on Jul 04, 2016
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