9 Ways To Make Your Monday As Awesome As Friday!

9 Ways To Make Your Monday As Awesome As Friday!
We all love Fridays so much only because they bring a weekend full of possibilities. Possibilities of meeting friends, staying up watching your favourite movie or doing absolutely nothing. In short, weekends spells h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s. On the other hand, we always dread Mondays. Just the thought of going to work or to college and then having to wait an entire week for the weekend is sad. And so, we did some research to make Monday’s seem like just another fun weekend. Here’s how...

1. Get up early

Waking up late leads to rushing your daily activities like brushing your teeth in the shower and applying makeup on your way. Give yourself a break. Wake up early and do all these things in peace. Doing things in a hasty manner leads to forgetfulness and a lot of missed tasks. Also, don’t forget to have a peppy song as your wake up alarm. It stays with you all day and is likely to keep you in a good mood.

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2. Eat something healthy for breakfast

We hear most people say they’re going to start dieting on a Monday and this is probably because it is the first day of the week. The truth is that it will make your “Monday blues” a nightmare because you are adding to a list of things to be sad about (yes, dieting is pretty sad!). Good food makes everyone happy and will let you get through the day with a smile on your face. Make Monday your cheat day. *wink*

3. Dress up for positive vibes

There is no denying the power of a good outfit - it gives you the energy to sail through a bad day. Looking good can be a great confidence booster, especially when you’re complimented for it. Step out in one of these stunning pieces from United Colors Of Benetton to have a ton of compliments come your way. The other good news about dressing up well? You can click loads of selfies!

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4. Organise and prioritise your day

One of the most common things Monday brings with it is a lot of work. Its the beginning of the week and so there is a lot of work that starts to pile up. Rather than trying to finish everything in one day, organise things according to priority and write them down. If possible, set things straight for yourself on Friday so that you don’t have to do any pending work on Monday. This way you know your sanity will stay intact.

5.  Build confidence with more fitted clothes

Clothes that fit you well multiply your confidence. Wearing clothes that accentuate your curves needs confidence. And the more body confident you become, the more likely you are to have a positive self image (and hence a better day). Pick a pretty summery dress to begin with and pair it with a classy sling bag to glide through the day like the diva you are! Don’t forget to flash that pearly smile! ;)

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6. Hydrate yourself

Having water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and most importantly, will keep you awake. This is  one of the best remedies to keep your concentration on point. Most people forget to hydrate themselves while working which leads to a lot of stress. Make your passage through Monday as smooth as possible by drinking lots of water or any other drink you like.

7. A random act of kindness

Making others smile is the shortest route to gratification. Making others feel good triggers a chain of events which in turn brings a smile to your face. This is something we can follow not just on Monday’s but other days as well. Get your colleagues some treats, compliment them on what they’re wearing or buy your college bestie some lunch when he or she is broke. You’re likely to make more friends this way and they’ll always be willing to help you.

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8. Plan something to look forward to

You Monday’s can become more exciting if you have something to look forward to. It could be lunch on Wednesday, shopping on Tuesday or even a movie date with family or friends. Planning gives your Monday a sense of purpose and helps take your mind off the fact that there is a whole week ahead of you.

9. Create a peppy playlist

Don’t listen to the same playlist you listen to the rest of the week. Create a playlist with songs that get you grooving. A peppy number not only keeps your spirits high, it also gives you loads it energy to get through a Monday. Your fav music also has the power to get you in a good mood. And what better than kickstarting your week with some rock and roll?

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