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Home > Beauty > Hair Care > Hair Treatment
Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Reduction!

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Reduction!

We all struggle with removing unwanted hair. If tweezers, razors or waxing strips are not your favourite method of hair removal, then laser hair reduction is one option you might want to consider. A lot has been said about it and we are always in two minds when it comes to deciding whether to get it done or not. Yet, the idea of not having to shave or wax for a really long time is exciting. Having said that, it is important to know what are you signing yourself up for. Here is a quick guide to this method of hair reduction and everything you need to know about it. What is laser hair reduction? Firstly, it is very important to know what laser hair reduction really is and why it is so widely used. This process removes unwanted body hair using laser light that destroys hair follicles (roots). It can be performed on any part of the body (even the super sensitive ones) as it leaves the skin around the area undamaged. To begin with, your body hair will be slightly trimmed to a few millimetres above the skin’s surface. Then, laser light is used to target multiple hair follicles at the same time. This hair reduction procedure takes 3-6 sessions depending on your skin and hair type. laser hair reduction 1

Post-laser care

Even though laser hair reduction is a very simple procedure, one should take appropriate care to ensure the procedure reaps maximum benefits. Using sunscreen and moisturiser is non-negotiable. Avoid going out in the sun for 24 hours after the procedure. The harmful rays of the sun can burn your skin after such a procedure since it is at its most sensitive. Avoid using harsh or alcohol based chemicals as well. Waxing, tweezing or shaving is an absolute no-no, since it can further sensitise your skin. Do not wax, shave or pluck your hair one month prior and one month after the treatment. Also, regular appointments ensure safe removal of hair. Is it permanent? We all know that laser hair removal is a long term solution to the frequent visits you make to the salon but there is one thing you should know before you sign up for one - it does not rid you of body hair permanently. Laser hair reduction retards growth but does not completely halt it. Also, it takes around 3- 6 sittings depending on the skin/hair type. Don’t expect your hair growth to disappear like magic in one sitting. If you have thick hair, it will take more time. And moreover, you will have very little growth over the years. So, that’s a big plus as opposed to other procedures of hair reduction (which you have to do over and over again to have the same growth come back sooner or later). laser hair reduction 2

Is it worth it?

Oh, absolutely!!! Laser hair reduction is the most convenient and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth. It saves you all the time you spend at the salons on a regular basis. Some people have thick hair growth which makes waxing very painful. Laser, infact, works better on thick hair as thick hair is easier to treat. Laser is also a great solution to ingrown hair which most of us suffer from. Not to forget, it is pain-free and makes life so much simpler. If you are preparing to get a laser hair reduction treatment, then you should always head to an expert because the supervision of dermatologists is highly recommended. Try Kaya Skin Clinics for a smooth, efficient process that rids you of body hair. *This is a sponsored post for Kaya Skin Clinic
Published on Jul 6, 2016
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