10 Indian Wear Styling Rules For Every 20-Something Girl!

10 Indian Wear Styling Rules For Every 20-Something Girl!
We’ve naturally been blessed with a whole array of silhouettes when it comes to Indian wear, and it would be unfair to not use them to up our style game, right? But how many of you actually fret a little bit before you think of pairing a long kurta with a pair of palazzos or a skirt? Don't worry, every girl has been there at some point! Even though wearing Indian wear is fairly simple, there are a few rules that you must follow every time you plan to go desi to look totally fabulous!!

1. Buy Neutral Colours First

If you’re one of those who’s just getting into the love affair with Indian wear, we suggest you stock up on neutral colours first. Black, white, beige, blues - these are your best friends. They look good no matter what your shape or size is. You can pair a kurta in any of these colours with your daily denims and go to college all comfy!

2. Opt For Ethnic Jewellery

2 indian wear styling rules

Dainty necklaces with a minimalist vibe are all well and good, but we suggest you opt for jhumkas, balis, or even tribal jewellery from the street market in your city when you wear Indian wear. Desi clothes look best with traditional jewellery and that’s a rule you must follow!

3. Collect Versatile Pieces

You might be a sucker for the anarkali style, but don’t fill your wardrobe with the same thing. Shop for different silhouettes, colours, and even cuts. Sometimes, wearing a snug-fit A-line kurta looks better than a tent-shaped anarkali - variety is essential for never looking boring!

4. Invest In A Statement Item

If you’re planning to take the traditional route for your friend’s wedding, or any other special occasion, instead of doing a mix and match or going full heavy, opt for one key statement piece. It could be a kurta, a blouse or even just jewellery. But make sure you have something that’ll make heads turn.

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5. Mix It Up!

5 indian wear styling rules

Fusion is always a good idea. Have a long kurta you can wear as a dress? Why not! Style your blouse like a crop top or your top like a blouse. Innovation is the mother of the fashion world, use it to your advantage!

6. Dress To Your Size

Don’t buy clothes thinking you’ll fit into this, or thinking "It’s okay, I’ll get it altered". Buy what fits you right. A good fit accentuates the assets of your body. This also applies to your old clothes if you've lost or gained weight. If they don't fit anymore - off to the tailor!

7. Try Silhouettes According To Your Body Type

By this time, you probably know your figure and what suits you best. If you think a Chinese collar will not suit your face, ditch it. Don’t re-try stuff that you already know doesn’t suit you. Similarly, count the compliments you get when you wear a certain neckline - and maybe make that your staple style!

8. Don’t Obsess About Matching Your Bags And Shoes

8 indian wear styling rules

While it might be a practice for many girls our age to match their shoes and bags, in Indian wear, it’s just not needed. You don’t need to carry a brown bag and wear brown sandals when you’re wearing a saree. So go vibrant, fearlessly!

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9. Try New Fabrics

The beauty of ethnic fashion is the variety it has. You can wear a banarasi saree for special days, a chanderi suit to work and a muslin kurta to run errands - and they'll all look equally classy! Every fabric flows and falls differently on your body, and it’s the beauty of these that’ll enhance your figure and give it that feminine appeal.

10. Collect An Eclectic Mix of Dressy And Casual

Everything in your wardrobe doesn’t have to be printed or plain. Keep a mix of prints, colours, patterns and shapes for variety and for different occasions. You could wear a plain kurta on a lazy day but a blingy one a day you’re feeling a little less fabulous - the pataka colors of desi outfits have a way of cheering you up no matter how low you feel.

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