9 Important Wedding Planning Tips For The Working Bride-To-Be!

9 Important Wedding Planning Tips For The Working Bride-To-Be!
Wedding planning is among the most monumental tasks we undertake, there’s no debate around that. And to top that is the chaos in your life if you’re a bride-to-be juggling wedding planning and her job - at the same time! So, dear working bride-to-be, just so you don’t run away screaming, we draw out a list of tips for you to efficiently plan your wedding along with handling all the pressures of the workplace. Here goes…

1. Plan well in time

Wedding planning has to be done smartly and efficiently. It’s best that you have your dates and venues planned out in advance so you spread out your planning duties in the months leading up to the big day.

1 wedding planning tips for working women

2. Inform your boss

Once your wedding is fixed, make it a point to inform you boss and colleagues so that they’re aware that you’ll be juggling work and planning your wedding. You can even ask your boss to relieve you at a slightly earlier hour on a daily basis so you can focus on your wedding duties as well. Informing your boss would also keep your work people in the loop about the leave you require for the wedding and honeymoon, etc.

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3. Write out your lists/ plans

Putting down on paper all the to-do lists will help you plan better. First thing you wake up in the morning, make a list of all the work you need to do at office and the things you have to do in the day pertaining to your wedding planning. As you complete each ask, tick that off your list and make sure you meet your targets daily.

3 wedding planning tips for working women

4. Book your planning meetings strategically

Don’t rush off to meet a wedding photographer or wedding designer every day after work. That’s only going to exhaust you. You’re well aware of the number of weeks/ months you have left for your wedding: spread out your planning meetings, and be in constant touch over the phone or texts with your vendors for any updates.

5. Delegate!

This is primary! You may be a super-bride, who can do everything on her own, but don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s best to not have too much on your plate, so delegate! Divide all the duties between your family and besties. This way everyone will feel involved and excited for your wedding too. And, well, if you can afford it, hire a planner to look after everything.

5 wedding planning tips for working women

6. Make time for the gym

You’re tied up in a million things – you have work projects to complete, the lehenga’s got to be zeroed down on, targets have to be met by your office team, and you still haven’t picked your cocktail DJ! Breathe, bride-to-be. It’ll all fall in place. But in the meantime, don’t forget to hit the gym. This will not only make sure you fit into the lehenga you ordered, but will also give your skin and hair a boost. You surely want to make a gorgeous bride, don’t you?

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7. Don’t forget the parlour appointments

Pre-bridal packages are something most brides swear by. Approach your favourite parlour and find out about the packages they have on offer. Every week, go for a nice hair spa or mani-pedi or facial or just a thorough waxing session. These massages are bound to pay off eventually, radiant bride! Besides, this is such a great way to unwind, isn’t it?

7 wedding planning tips for working women

8. Office breaks for wedding research

You have to make the most of the limited time, working bride-to-be. During your office breaks, make calls to your vendors or just surf the Internet for newer ideas for you jaimala or whatever it is that you want to look into. Facebook and Instagram have endless ideas and options out there for you to choose from.

9. Take a breather sometimes

In the midst of all this chaos, take a breather. You’ve got to make the most of this exciting phase – don’t make it all work and no play. Have some fun – make a movie plan with your girlfriends, and on some days just stay in and chill with the family. After all, this time ain’t coming back, girls.

9 wedding planning tips for working women

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