5 Things You’ll Get If Your Boyfriend Is A Bit Too Possessive

5 Things You’ll Get If Your Boyfriend Is A Bit Too Possessive
Dating is always fun and exciting! And when you finally commit to one person, it’s a BIG deal. You have to work hard to maintain any kind of relationship, and there needs to be a lot of communication, trust, care and love. One thing that really makes a relationship tough to handle is possessiveness. Here is a list of 5 things you’ll totally relate to if you have a possessive boyfriend or have ever dealt with one!

1. Permanently buzzing phone

Whether you are at work or attending a family function or driving somewhere, you are expected to call or text your boyfriend ALL the time! Your phone never stops ringing with notifications of his calls or texts so you have to keep it in vibrate mode.

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2. No guy friends allowed

Your partner probably doesn’t like it when you hang out with your guy friends. He tries hard to hide his insecurities by saying he’s just trying to protect you. And it doesn’t matter how many times you try to convince him of your loyalty, there is just no getting through that argument.

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3. Fights

Every couple has their share of fights and silly arguments. But only you know the level of silliness your fights can really reach. The arguments range from the way you dress to the time you had ignored his text, long time ago. And his points are almost always exaggerated!

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4. Public display of affection

Your partner may not always shower you with kisses in public, but he will always want to hold your hand or have his arm around you. He wants to make sure that everyone knows that you’re his girl!

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5. There’s no personal space

He needs to know what you’re doing, who you’re with and who you’re texting ALL the time.Not only that, he insists on having the passwords for your email, Facebook and other social media accounts. And his excuse? “Just so that we develop a stronger bond, baby.” Yeah, right!

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Contributed by: Shourya Gupta

Shourya is currently pursuing her MBA and is in her second year. She is energetic and is always wearing a smile. She loves music, writing and her friends.

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