7 Things You’ll Get If You Don’t Want To Have Kids Of Your Own

7 Things You’ll Get If You Don’t Want To Have Kids Of Your Own
You may be at a point in your life where it seems like all of your friends are either getting married or having kids or earning bucket loads of money. You may be looking forward to getting hitched too and you might also be waiting for that increment at work...but if you’re DEFINITELY NOT looking forward to having kids, here are 7 things you will definitely relate to…

1. You want to travel

You want to take every chance you can to travel and you know that “kids” and “travel” just don’t mix well. How do you know this? Well, that screaming kid you saw at the metro and that infant who was crying his lungs out in the last flight you took might have something to do with it!

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2. All the kids in your family are terrified of you

You’re probably referred to as “Hitler didi” by the kids in your family. They don't want to come over to your place and when they do, they choose to hide behind their moms. Little do they know that you’re the one who is secretly terrified of them!

3.You are paranoid by the thought of giving birth

You’ve read enough articles and seen enough movies to know that childbirth is the most painful thing any woman can go through. You know reproduction is supposed to be the ultimate goal of every species, but you’re going to skip it!

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4. Ugh..so many questions!

From the sky to the birds to the trees, kids want to know everything! To kids, everyone is a walking talking encyclopedia. You really don’t possess the patience to deal with the questions and it is one of the biggest reasons why you don’t want to have kids.

5. You’re forever the party animal

You love partying and drinking WAY too much to even think about giving them up! You gave up the sober life a long time ago and there’s no turning back now.

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6. Sleeping is what you can't live without

Do you skip the gym often to get an extra hour of sleep? Is your ideal Saturday morning one which starts after noon? Then the thought of having a baby is probably what your nightmares are made of! You feel cranky just thinking about the nine months of uncomfortable sleep and the perpetually disturbed nights you will have after the baby comes.

7. You know you’re not fully an adult

Your age may fool people into believing that you’re an adult but you know that deep down you’re still a child! You are an expert at behaving like an actual adult, but the child in you is too prevalent at times. How can a child take care of another human, right? Right. ;)

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Contributed by: Aayushi Seth

Aayushi is currently pursuing a degree in Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. She loves to travel and is often found daydreaming. She absolutely loves coffee, waffles and is a self-proclaimed fashionista.

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