7 FAB Tricks To Style Long Kurtas If You’re A Short Girl!

7 FAB Tricks To Style Long Kurtas If You’re A Short Girl!
Most of us love wearing kurtas. Owing to the weather and the comfort, we love experimenting with the styles too. Now we’ve already written a few articles on how to look slimmer and taller in a kurta. So here is one for every short girl out there! Even you can style that long kurta to look totally amazing!

1. Pick Elongated Patterns On The Kurta!

1 how to style long kurtas if you are short

Make sure you pick prints that are not making you look bulky. Paisley prints, stripes, long motifs are what you should be looking for when you buy kurtas. Kurtas that have vertical stripes or vertical plackets along the centre will automatically make you look taller.

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2. Wear Long Flowy Kurtas With Palazzos!

While wearing A-line long kurtas and anarkalis, pair them with flowy palazzos. They are totally in vogue and are flattering for every body type. It takes away attention from the height and makes your outfit look larger than life.

3. Make Sure It’s Doesn’t Extend To The Mid-Calf!

Be careful to not choose a kurta that has its hemline at the ankle or anywhere close. It’ll look like one unit and visually, it'll cut-off your ankles a bit abruptly. This will not make you look taller, instead, it'll have the opposite effect. Choose something that ends mid-calf.

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4. Wear Tall Heels With Churidaars/ Slim Pants!

4 how to style long kurtas if you are short

If you are planning to wear churidaars or slim pants with a long kurta, don’t forget to wear them with stilettos that have thin straps or wedges if you are looking for comfort. Even a little bit of heel can make a huge difference to your look. This automatically makes one look taller, and with a straight fit kurta, the visual appeal is much higher!

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5. Straight Kurtas Are The Best Silhouettes!

Yes, you must have guessed this by now. Straight cuts, linear or tiny print patterns make one look slender. Thus when choosing long kurtas, keep this in mind! Avoid big prints, horizontal lines and solid colours.

6. Choose V Necks Over Mandarin Collars!

Universally agreed upon, most clothes with a V-neckline make you look taller. Any necklines that come closer to the neck divide the body from the face in an awkward manner and are therefore best avoided. These include mandarin collars, jewel necks etc. A V-neckline creates lines that brings the eyes vertically down instead of moving from side to side. This gives the appearance of a taller frame.

7. Pair It With A Gathered Skirt!

7 how to style long kurtas if you are short

Kurtas with gathered skirts are all the rage right now. Similar to the look you can achieve when you pair a long kurta with skirts and palazzos can be reserved for special occasions too. They add drama to the outfit and look stunning on everyone!

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