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6 Fab Ways To Style Distressed Denims & Look Awesome!

6 Fab Ways To Style Distressed Denims & Look Awesome!
Bollywood celebs have made this trend the latest one to strut. Yes, we’re talking about ripped, distressed denims that are such a rage right now! These have practically replaced your staple Levi’s 501s and have become quite the globetrotter's travel companion. But if you’ve ever been confused about how to rock the trend without looking odd, this is your guide. Whether you’re pear or apple shaped, a petite rectangle or anything else, distressed denims can always work. Your favourite pair of jeans just got a sexy makeover and went from basic to bae-sic. Cut-out, fully distressed or a little here and there, you decide how much you want to bare and make a statement. So yes, this is the season to werk the trend and here’s how our favourite bloggers are doing it!

1. Cover Up & Show More

1 style distressed denim If you have a bug butt, and think it won’t suit your body type, then stop thinking that immediately! Just layer it with a coat or a jacket and you should be good to go. Tip: If you're covering up on the top, try a more distressed version of the jeans to balance it out. Image: Karishma Yadav from Pinktrunk

2. Rugged

If you think you can't ace looking girly in distressed denims, ditch that thought! Pair your denim with a pair of nice sandals and finish off the look with a pretty satchel. Tip: A pair of boyfriend fit jeans would be ideal with minimalistic heels. Also read: Not Just Jeans! 7 Amazing Ways You Can Style Denim

3. Basic

3 style distressed denim Confident, simple and just right to run errands in. If you’re someone who has a straight or a rectangular frame, it's best to team your pair of distressed denims with a t-shirt that's slouchy and loose. Throw on a nice pair of shades to give it a statement-y touch! Image: Aashna Shroff from Thesnobjournal

4. Bold Yet Elegant

Wear your distressed denim jeans with an elegant blazer and a pair of chic stilettos. Go for rich colours like maroon or a mustard and pair it with matching shoes.This will help create a killer ensemble that can do no wrong!
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5. Lanky & Laid Back

5 style distressed denim If you're a skinny girl and wear everything in the size "extra small", a pair of baggy jeans will look great on you. They will make your body look fuller without making it look bulky. Layer on a jacket or just keep it simple with a crop top and flaunt that body already! Image: Aanam Chashmawala from Whatwhenwear

6. Double Trouble

If you want to go all out and rock two trends at once, then try pairing your distressed denims with a denim jacket. This look is trendy and looks great on every body-type. Tip: Try pairing different shades of denim.