9 Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Cost - Without Anyone Realizing!

9 Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Cost - Without Anyone Realizing!
Weddings can turn out to be very, very expensive… well, not necessarily! It’s just about prioritising, taking some smart decisions and being aware of a few shaadi planning basics. And, we swear, organising your dream wedding in your budget won’t just be a dream anymore! Check out these 9 brilliant ways you can save big at your wedding.

1. Trim down that guest list

This is the easiest way to trim down your wedding budget. And we personally feel it’s so much more fun and relaxed if you just have your closest ones on this special day. You could go in for an intimate wedding and follow it up with a grand party where all the other guests can be invited.

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2. Jewellery decisions

It’s probably going to be your most expensive buy… and it also means that this is where you can really save big. If renting jewellery is not your thing why not play with layers? Buy a delicate gold/polki necklace (that you’ll actually be able to wear again after the wedding!) and layer it with semi-precious, pearl or imitation jewellery. It’ll look super stylish too!

3. Plan your menu well

You do know that elaborate wedding food spreads often go to waste, right? All that money spent for nothing?! Common knowledge says that guests usually pay more attention to snacks and desserts, so you can really have a basic main course spread with maybe a live counter for the extra feels! Head here for more tips for planning your wedding menu.

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4. Day functions = big savings!

Such an easy way to bring down costs. First of all, morning functions cut down all your lighting expenditure (which is a hella lot!). And morning winter weddings are so much in trend too! You get such amazing pictures! Also, per plate price for dinner is higher than for lunch because well, demand for dinner is more.

5. Let’s go DIY!

You can totally DIY the decor or favours for the smaller functions such as mehendi or haldi. After all, this is when your girl gang really proves itself! For some amazing ideas and inspirations, head here!

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6. Don’t go for the in-demand dates

Because obviously, costs for every damn thing goes up during the bhaari saaya! Settle for a date that’s not right in the middle of the wedding season and, yes, weekdays guarantee better deals than weekends.

7. Get smart with the lehenga

A few tips can go a long way to help you score your dream wedding lehenga at a better price. For starters, reducing the border by just one inch can save you as much as 10K! Really! And we do have more such genius tips for you right here.

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8. Same venue for all

Mehendi, sangeet AND shaadi?....Crack a 3-day deal with the same venue and avail heavy discounts. Booking 3 individual venues will cost a lot more than having all your functions at the same place. Look for a venue that offers various types of ambience. A pool area, a banquet, open lawns etc. And yes, the sooner you book, the better the price.

9. Bye, bye flowers!

While everyone would love to have exotic floral arrangements at their wedding, it’s also important to know that floral decor costs a bomb. But the good news is that there are a many newer, trendier ways to do up your venue. And if not for all the functions, you could eliminate flowers for one of them. Check out these fun decor ideas - minus the flowers!

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