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How To WOW The Baaraatis? 7 Simple Ways!

How To WOW The Baaraatis? 7 Simple Ways!

Amidst all the madness and festivities at a wedding, one thing to keep in mind for those hosting the wedding is to make the baaraat feel welcome and to make them have a blast! While most of us know very well how to do this, here are a few tips for the first timers or people who’d just like to polish up their hospitality skills! Read on…

1. Welcome line-up

Collecting in one area to receive the baaraat and greeting each member as they make an entry at the wedding venue is a great idea. It feels very personal, and it is also a show of warmth and respect on part of the hosts. 1 How to make the baaraat feel welcome.

2. Garlands!

This one’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie. We’ve seen it at various events – people being made to wear garlands made of flowers - but it definitely is a sure-shot way to make your guests feel special.

3. Exciting food spread...

Doing a bit of homework beforehand and finding out what kind of food the baaraatis like is a smart idea. This way you can plan the food menu accordingly and have happy faces at the wedding venue! 3 How to make the baaraat feel welcome. Also read: Monsoon Wedding? Colourful Ideas To Brighten Up The Functions!

4. At your service, baaraatis!

Make it a point to ask members of the baaraat, time and again, if they need anything or if you should get them a refill of food or drink. Being attended to in a nice manner is bound to leave the baaraat spellbound at the levels of hospitality and care being shown to them!

5. Dance and drama

Apart from food and drink, there’s something else you need to take care of: entertainment, so that your guests don’t get bored at the function. It could be professional performers or dances by family and close friends – these little skits keep the baaraat engaged and happy throughout. Plus they’ll appreciate the effort being put in! 5 How to make the baaraat feel welcome. Also read: 9 Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Cost – Without Anyone Realizing!

6. Giveaways

No, we aren’t promoting the entire gifting process at weddings. This could just be a small token for them to remember the wedding and the lovely time they had. A jar of honey or maybe a small showpiece or decorative item would do.

7. Pick-and-drop facility

The ones who have their vehicles are obviously taken care of. However, the ones who don’t should have the option to avail a pick-and-drop facility that you can offer, so your guests make it to the venue and back safe and sound - and without worrying about wrinkling all their wedding finery!7 How to make the baaraat feel welcome. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Jul 12, 2016
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