How To Keep Your Lipstick Smudge Free All Day Long! | POPxo
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Home > Beauty > Makeup Tips > Lip Makeup
How To Keep Your Lipstick Smudge Free All Day Long!

How To Keep Your Lipstick Smudge Free All Day Long!

Don’t you hate it when your favourite lipstick smudges? We all know that feeling! No matter how careful you are, it somehow still manages to smudge and fade off. Lucky for you, we have a solution. Here’s how to keep your lipstick smudge-free all day long. (You’re welcome, beautiful!) What You Will Need: Q-tips, tissue, powder puff, makeup brush, bottle of foundation, lip liner and your favourite lipstick! Difficulty level: Easier than brushing your teeth. Watch the video now! PLUS: Subscribe to POPxo on YouTube for original videos + our favourite videos from around the web!
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1. The Foundation Hack

Step 1 - Apply foundation on the edges of your lip Step 2 - Using a q-tip, wipe off excess foundation Step 3 - Use powder to set foundation around the edges of your lip. Step 4 - Now, go ahead and apply your favourite lipstick!

2. The Powder Hack

Step 1 - Apply your lipstick and then place a sheet of tissue on your lips. Now dab a little bit of loose powder on it to give it a matte finish. Step 2 - Gently remove the tissue and get ready to pout!

3. The Lipliner Hack

Step 1 - Choose a lip liner that is of a similar shade as your lipstick. Step 2 -  Don’t just outline your lips using the liner, also blend it in with the lipstick. Step 3 - After this, apply a coat of lipstick over the liner. Also watch: 4 Simple Tricks To Get Your Base & Blush JUST Right! Also watch: How To Make Fancy Makeup At Home Using Old Makeup!
Published on Jul 4, 2016
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