If Your Guy Is More Conservative Than You… Read This!

If Your Guy Is More Conservative Than You… Read This!
Dear girlfriend of a conservative boyfriend, here’s how to deal with your guy and make life simpler and easier for the both of you. If you don't know how to react to some of the things he says, maybe this will help...

1. "Where are you? How did you get there?"

As much as we believe that communication in a relationship is prime, asking you for minute-to-minute updates about the goings-on in your life is unhealthy. Give him details of your whereabouts off and on, and gradually make him aware, in ways as subtle as can be, that you like your space and privacy sometimes.

2. "Are you safe? Call me once you reach."

Well, unless you’re an irresponsible and reckless teenager, too much concern for your safety all the time is just added stress for both of you. We don’t mean to be cynical here. An "Are you okay and safe" message from your boy is great once in a while. But too much concern can get toxic after a point. Explain to him that you’re a grown individual and can look after yourself better than he thinks. When you’re out with a bunch of friends, maybe drop him a message that you’re having a great evening and are okay so he’s at peace too.

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3. "Don’t you think wearing a dress here is a bad idea?"

Now that’s just unacceptable. This could even turn into an argument. Well, whatever it takes to get him to be less orthodox and unnecessarily comment on your choice of clothing. Make it clear to him that how you dress and choose to conduct yourself is only your call to take and he might want to keep his opinion to himself unless specifically asked to voice it.

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4. "You have way too many guy friends!"

Many girls get this from their boyfriends. This is where you need to build the faith in him that he’s the one you're with and that he needn’t be insecure if you have guy friends. Compliment him every now and then, let him know he’s the best guy you’ve ever known – get him to spend time with your guy friends so he’s comfortable with having them around.

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5. "We’ve been dating for 6 months, maybe it’s time to get married."

You both need to have a serious conversation, guys. Make the idea clear to him that having spent a decent amount of time together doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get married. Tell him that this decision has nothing to do with the tenure of your dating. On the other hand, don’t shun him altogether. Let him know that it’s great that he’s considering marriage with you but that it has to happen at a time when the both of you really want it.

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6. “Your short hair doesn’t make you look girly enough.”

Well, if he’s stereotyping "girly" looks and behavior, we’re only too glad to advise you to cut your hair off and he will have to just live with it. You’ve got to just let this one be and your new look will eventually grow on him.

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7. “Why are your work hours so long? You’re not supposed to work so hard!”

Work is work. And when you have to work till late in the night and are glad to do it, he, or anyone else, doesn’t have a say in how hard you choose to work. Explain to him that you enjoy your work and that the number of hours you put into it, is a call that only you can take.

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