#HeSays: How To Woo A Guy You Like... In Just 10 Days!

#HeSays: How To Woo A Guy You Like... In Just 10 Days!
So we hear that some women want to know how to woo a guy…in 10 days! Is that right, ladies? Well, let us guide you through that then! This is your ultimate 10-day guide - if you follow this, by the end of the 10 days, you would have done your everything to give a relationship a shot. Let's get started!

Day 1: Identify Your Guy!

You see us, you like us, but then you forget about us... Well, don't! If you see a guy you're interested in, don't push that thought away. Take the situation into your hands and make the decision of pursuing us instead of hoping for it to be the other way around.

Day 2: Make The Approach

Us guys are really easy to talk to, seriously! So once you've made up your mind about which guy you would like to approach, get up and introduce yourself to him. Just a smile and a wave can be the start of a brilliant relationship. And we're not being cheesy here - we really do mean it!

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Day 3: Familiarize Yourself A Bit

Once the introductions are out of the way, keep in touch regularly. Don't wait for us to text you, it's okay to be the one to text first. We actually really like that in a girl and it kind of takes a bit of the pressure off of us - always a good thing.

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Day 4: Add Some Mystery

Don't give away everything also! It's an established fact that guys love a little bit of a chase, so drop hints about things wherever you can so that you can keep us guessing and totally hooked!

Day 5: No-Judgements Q&A

Get talking to us. Ask us about our past, our friends, our hopes and dreams. And don't judge us when you hear something you don't automatically love. You're getting to know the person we are and the circumstances that made us that way. In return, we promise not to judge you about your past choices either.

Day 6: Shed All Pretences

So, yes, you like to come off as a certain kind of person. But everyone fakes a few things, right? We know we do. We're not saying that's a bad thing or anything like that. But give us a peek into everything real about you too. End of the day, that's the person we would be in a relationship with, right?

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Day 7: Add A Bit Of Touch

The threat of being friendzoned is real - not just for guys but girls too. Don't get so lost in getting to know us that you forget to make it clear that you're not interested in a strictly platonic thing.

Day 8: Lay Your Cards On The Table

Don't give us the ten year plan, but tell us that you like us! It's really just that! We want to hear the words and not just pick up the hints. TELL us!

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Day 9: Time To Think

But once you tell us, don't demand to know how we feel. Give us some breathing room, be calm while we deliberate. We like to think we can be a choosy even when the decision really isn't all that hard to make. Plus, once the ball is in our court we would like the chance of taking charge of how things progress too!

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Day 10: It's Now Or Never

Well, ladies. If it's going to happen, now is the time. You've done your all, you've put yourself and your feeling on the line and now you have to leave it up to us. If it's meant to be, we WILL make it happen. Trust us.

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