How To Find Alone-Time With Your Husband In A Joint Family

How To Find Alone-Time With Your Husband In A Joint Family
For most couples, keeping the romance alive post-marriage is a challenge anyway, and if you live in a joint family, god bless you both! That’s why it is crucial to do things that will keep rekindling the passion. While a wife may understand the need for staying in with the in-laws (whatever the reason), Mr Husband must appreciate that it is you who is adjusting to this new family and place. So read this article together, or tag him and keep the spark going…

1. Keep the surprises coming

While public display of affection is minimal in Indian households, don’t think twice before showing some love in simple forms like holding hands or brief hugs when leaving for work or a simple pat on the back. Talk to your husband about it and help him get over his inhibitions. Steal glances, buy him a gift and keep it near his side of the cupboard and do what it takes to make each other happy.

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2. Time off

A short one, probably for the weekend – just the two of you, packing off to a resort or a hill station close by. Wherever you go - don’t travel with guilt for not inviting the other family members. Remember you are a couple and that you need time for your relationship.

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3. Go for walks

A nice 20-minute stroll in your neighbourhood post dinner is enough to feel energized. It will not only give you both some privacy but also work wonders for your relationship. Don’t hesitate to hold hands, but above all, TALK things out. This way, your bedroom is free of unnecessary banter and negative thoughts.

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4. Make more private time in the bedroom

Don’t be addicted to TV shows or random surfing beyond a particular time like 9.30 or 10 PM. Adhere to the set deadlines so that you don’t end up using the bedroom to just rest and sleep.

5. Do one activity together

Join a hobby class - be it dance or music or yoga. Learn something new and use this time to bond with each other.

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6. Have a day to yourself

Once a fortnight or in a month, send the family away to other relatives’ place or to a mall and spend the entire day with each other. Make it a date – watch a movie marathon, make dinner or just cuddle on the sofa. Just be.

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7. Dine out together

Once a month, try a new restaurant. Just you two. Make it all about good food and great conversations.

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8. Check on each other’s needs

Since living in a large family can inhibit your personal space, keep asking each other simple questions like “How are you?” and “Is there something I can do to make life easier?” In handling other people’s emotions and tasks, never forget that you are each other’s FIRST priority and that there is a reason you two got married. Let love be.

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