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How To Do A Full Body Workout *Without* Any Equipment!

Don’t wait for another new year to come around so you can finally start working out! Although, most full body workouts require a treadmill but POPxo is here to make your life easier! Here are five easy exercises you can try and you don’t need the treadmill for these.

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1. Jumping Jacks (3 sets)

10 -15 Reps per set would be the ideal way to go about it.

What it works: Helps in building strength and your cardiovascular system. Also increases metabolic rate and makes your bones stronger.

Step 1: Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides

Step 2: Hop your feet apart at the same time as bringing your arms together above your head.

Step 3: Basically just build a snow angel while slightly jumping.

Step 4: Continue till you finish three sets.

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2. Jumping Lunges (3 sets)

10-15 Reps per set

What it works: Gets the heart rate pumping, significantly increases endurance and most ideal for sculpting your calves and quads

Step 1: Stand with your feet together and and step forward into a lunge. Your knee should barely be touching the ground.

Step 2: Switch legs while doing the lunges and slightly jump while doing so

Step 3:  Make sure to alternate these lunges for at least three sets

3. The Mountain Climber (3 sets)

10-15 Reps per set

What it works: Helps in improving flexibility. This is a core sculpting exercise which helps in toning your legs and abs

Step 1: Position yourself in such a way as though you were going to do push-ups.

Step 2: Draw you right knee in and bring it back. Switch legs. Do this process as fast as you can. Remember that your knees should not be touching the floor.

Step 3: Don’t stop till you complete three sets

4. Plank Push Up (3 sets)

10-15 Reps per set

What it works: Helps in toning the arm muscles and is best for upper body workout

Step 1: Get into a plank position by balancing yourself on your elbows and toes

Step 2: Switch your arms into normal push-up position

Step 3: Alternate your arms from balancing yourself on your elbows to normal push-up position

Step 4: Repeat the set thrice

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5. Burpees (3 sets)

10-15 Reps per set

What it works: Tones your arms, chest,’s actually a full body workout

Step 1: Squat a little and place your weight on the heels

Step 2: From the squat position jump into a push-up position

Step 3: Jump after you rise

Step 4: As with the rest, repeat the set thrice
Published on Jul 19, 2016
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