7 Things You CAN Cut Costs On If Your Wedding Is Over Budget!

7 Things You CAN Cut Costs On If Your Wedding Is Over Budget!
Adhering to a budget, be it in any situation, is next to impossible. And the toughest of them all is the big, fat wedding expenditure scene. After all, there are the clothes, the catering, bar expenses, the décor, rent for the venue – the list is endless. Future brides, if you’re already scratching your head over how to get this under control and how to cut down wedding costs, here are some questions you need to ask yourselves…

1. Do I really need to book train/ air tickets for all out-of-station guests?

A polite and completely acceptable way to go about this would be to let your out-of-station guests know that you’ll take care of the hotel bookings and that they should inform you when they’ve made their travel arrangements.

1 how to cut down wedding costs

2. Designer lehenga or will a good tailor do?

With such massively skilled kaarigars churning out pieces that look as fantastic as a designer’s work, down to the last detail, opting for the cheaper option is the more practical call to take.

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3. The 50K makeup artist or the 15K one?

Your look at the wedding is extremely important, there’s absolutely no taking away from the importance of it. But spending 50 grand on your hair and makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look that much more glam, does it? Choose a makeup artist that you trust, someone you don’t have to pay to fly in from out of town, and who isn’t charging beyond what’s acceptable to you.

3 how to cut down wedding costs

4. Does the venue require so much heavy flower work?

Event designers can be very expensive. One meeting with them can make you want the venue looking prettier than you had imagined, and all of a sudden, you’re okay with increasing your budget for this one. You factor in the beautiful backdrops for your photographs and that’s reason enough for you to spend more. Rethink this one, ladies. Flowers will droop after a day or two, but the hole in your bank balance takes much, much longer to refill.

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5. Do all the wedding cards have to go with those imported chocolates along with them?

We’re usually very judgmental when we receive a wedding invite. We scrutinize every little detail. The colour scheme, the styling, what eats come along with it, et al. If you must send along some imported chocolates with your card, maybe it shouldn’t be the case with each and every invite of yours. People are going to find fault some way or the other - let this be an expense you incur only for near and dear ones that you really want to splurge on. Plan this smartly, girls.

5 how to cut down wedding costs

6. Should both the sides have separate photographers?

Let’s get this one straight: it’s always more economical to hire one photography team for the bride and the groom’s side. This way you can actually afford a really good photographer (who might be expensive) and split the cost! Win-win situation.

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7. Should we opt for a date during heavy wedding season?

This requires some planning in advance. Each and every thing mentioned earlier is more expensive during peak wedding season. Saving up can be done to a large extent if you choose a wedding date during off-season time.

7 how to cut down wedding costs

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