#HeSays: 7 Ways You ​*Didn't*​ Know Guys Show You Their Love! | POPxo

#HeSays: 7 Ways You ​*Didn't*​ Know Guys Show You Their Love!

#HeSays: 7 Ways You ​*Didn't*​ Know Guys Show You Their Love!
It’s true what you ladies say - that us guys are not always as vocal about our feelings as you’d like. We don’t know why that’s so, but sometimes it feels better to show you we love you rather than just saying the words. And we try to show you how much we care about you in our own ways, with little gestures - here’s how...

1. When you’re out with other people, we try to make sure our plans happen in the same area as yours...

Because, just in case you need a safe ride back, we want to be there for you. We want to keep you company on the way home even if we couldn’t spend the day or the evening with you.

2. By NOT eating the last slice of pizza!

Or the last spoonful of dessert. Whatever it is that you like - we try to save the last bit for you, no matter how much we might want to eat it ourselves. We love you enough to make sure you’re always well-fed and happy.

how guys express love 2

3. We’re extra, extra careful when we use your loo!

We try so hard not to accidentally use your face wash to clean our hands. And make sure that there are no shoeprints on the floor or water on the counter. And we try our very bestest to remember to put the toilet seat down!

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4. By surrendering our pillow or the covers to you...

Even if we’re getting a crick in our neck or feeling a bit cold. We want you to be warm and comfy. That’s one of the reasons we love cuddling with you too, so that we know you’re sleeping okay. (And, of course, it’s just generally great to hold you like that!)

how guys express love 4

5. We actually have a little checklist for when we see you…

We know you think we’re not very observant and never really notice if you’ve had a haircut or have done something new with your eye makeup - but trust us, we really do try hard to sneakily check if something is different so we can compliment you. It’s just hard for us to tell because you ALWAYS look so gorgeous!

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6. By accepting the pet names you give us - even if we really don’t like them!

Yeah, it’s cool when you call us baby or sweetheart. But when you call us by those really goofy pet names (how do you even come up with those?), the only reason we don’t run away is because we love you so.

how guys express love 6

7. We try to make sure that the sex is as amazing for you as it is for us…

And hopefully even more! Because, honestly, nothing can match the expression of complete bliss and pleasure on your face when you’re satisfied. It’s one of the sexiest things about you!

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