7 Tweets About Bollywood That'll Make You Laugh Till You Cry! | POPxo
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7 Tweets About Bollywood That'll Make You Laugh Till You Cry!

7 Tweets About Bollywood That'll Make You Laugh Till You Cry!

YES, YES, YES! We are obsessed with bollywood, and yes, we’re filmy-type! If you also love Bollywood as much as we do, these tweets will make you laugh hard. These hilarious tweets about Bollywood are totally crazy. So, grab some popcorn for yourself and get ready for a little dose of laughter! P.S: You can thank us later… :P

1. Sajna looks too small, if we look at him this way! :P

tweets about bollywood
Source: Avinash Iyer on Twitter

2. Well, at least he shaved his armpits! Well done, Akshay, WELL DONE!

tweets about bollywood Source: Purva on Twitter Also read: Sh*t We Say To Our Siblings – 6 Tweets That Are Just TOO True!

3. OH! The answer was in front of us the whole time! We never noticed...

tweets about bollywood Source: Manas on Twitter

4. Like seriously? WHY? This has to be the worst lie!

tweets about bollywood Source: Biswatosh Sinha on Twitter

5. Yeah! (*Nods*) This totally makes sense…

tweets about bollywood Source: Godman Chikna on Twitter Also read: 6 Six-Word Love Stories That Will Break Your Heart!

6. Because, urm… We can’t imagine Bollywood without romance! Can you?!

tweets about bollywood Source: Mad Cold on Twitter

7. I miss you, dear future husband! (Whoever you are, wherever you are... )

tweets about bollywood Source: Pakchikpak Raja Babu on Twitter
Published on Jul 25, 2016
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