10 Questions Girls Have About A Guy’s Penis! *Laughing So Hard*

10 Questions Girls Have About A Guy’s Penis! *Laughing So Hard*
Dear boys,

Some of you might be quite pleasantly surprised to learn that we are just as curious about your private parts and interested in knowing about them, as you often are about ours. In fact, we have a few questions about how your penis works. Would you be so kind to clear our doubts?


People Without A Penis, Everywhere

1. Don’t you feel weird about something just hanging and lounging about in your pants, all day?

Such a distraction, don’t you think?

1 questions about penises

2. Does it um, float in water?

We can’t really make out anything in your tight, tight swimming shorts. Not that we are going to stare at you in a creepy manner when you are in your shorts. #JustSaying

3. How weird is it when you’re um, turned on - and that there’s proof for everyone in the room to see?

Dude, we’ve seen the proof. And that look on your face too! :p

3 questions about penises

4. There’s hardly any space for the poor guy to stand up, when he is suddenly attentive, and you’re wearing tight pants…

Doesn’t it hurt?

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5. Btw, what does it feel like, when it just refuses to respond to your call?

A sinking feeling, yeah? We can only imagine the horror!

5 questions about penises

6. Have you ever tried something to increase the size?

Are there ways available on the internet? *Googles away*

7. Does it ever get in the way of you sitting or lying down, or maybe driving a bike?

Because, let’s agree, it’s very awkwardly placed.

7 questions about penises

8. Is it easier to pee while having a boner?

Because you don’t really have to hold it in place, you know...

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9. Does wearing a condom feel like you’ve caged your little guy… and he can’t breathe?

Totally reminds us of the first time we wore a bra, btw.

9 questions about penises

10. Don’t you just wish you had a vagina instead?

It’s so much easier, really.

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